Thanksgiving Pie Recipes

Thanksgiving pie recipes

Once the corn cobs have been shorn clean, the mashed potatoes have been reduced to a buttery smear on your plate, and the turkey in your bloated stomach is slowly blurring your eyes with its steady infusion of tryptophan, Thanksgiving dinner still isn't quite finished.

That’s right, friends and family, it’s time for dessert, and no dessert screams holidays quite like pie. Thanksgiving pies are a time-honored tradition. Of course, given that they tend to follow after what for many is the single-largest meal of the year, they need to be positively bewitching if they’re going to entice any over-stuffed Thanksgiving-ers into trying them.

To that end, we've come up with this convenient infographic to help you create the kind of pie filling that will keep your guests eating long after common sense and basic decency should have forced them to stop. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Pie Recipes

thanksgiving pie recipes

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