Rachael Ray Show Blendtec Easter Giveaway

Rachael Ray Blendtec show

We gave a heads up on our Facebook and Instagram pages about the Rachael Ray Show Blendtec Easter giveaway and the episode just so happened to feature our beautiful Blendtec Designer 625 in Seafoam...or as Rachael describes, "It's a cool blender!"

"I love blenders that annihilate anything you put into them, it's great." Yep, that sounds like us! Rachael and Grant Melton, one of her culinary staffers, have some great recipes of what to do with commonly purchased Easter candy and enlisted some Blendtec power. Take a look at the clip below and you can also enter to win a blender just like the one on the show by clicking here.


  • Geena

    I really need this one as I would like to feed my family and myself with healthy smoothies. I don’t have one till now.

  • Kim

    this is an awesome machine. I tell everyone about it.

  • Nancy

    I am 12 and I watch a blog called itsJudysLife, they have a blendtec total blender and they live such a happy healthy life but my family don’t like blending, I just wanna prove them wrong and you might know that there’s nothing worse than watching someone go on about how amazing their product is and for you not to have it. Thank you if you pick me. I really need this

  • Robin

    I’d love to own a Blendtec!!!!!

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