PLU Codes Demystified

Plu Codes Demystified

Have you ever wondered what those little stickers on your fresh produce mean? A few weeks ago I happened to ask this question and decided to do some research. As I dove in, I learned about those numbers on the stickers.

It turns out they're called PLU codes or Price-Look Up codes. I also learned a lot more about exactly what organic, traditionally or conventionally grown, and genetically modified mean. The stickers on produce are much more than what meets the eye. The first number on a PLU code can tell you a lot about the produce.

  • 9XXXX: The number 9 followed by four other digits signifies the product is organic.
  • 8XXXX: The number 8 followed by four other digits signifies the product has been genetically modified.
  • 0XXXX or XXXX: The number 0 followed by four other digits or a PLU code of just four digits generally means the product is traditionally grown, though it’s not a 100% guarantee the product has not been genetically modified.

To get all the details, check out this easy-to-read infographic from one of our awesome designers.


PLU Produce Code Infographic

You'll never look at those little stickers the same way again. What are your favorite tips for eating organic?


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