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miami vice drink

Add Some Miami Vice to Your Summer

Do you miss Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs as much as we do? They probably aren’t coming back anytime soon, but when you make Blendtec’s Miami Vice Drink, you can get as close to reliving those crime-solving glory days as possible. With this recipe, you can add a little taste and excitement to your summer. The fresh, fruity red and yellow layers from this all-natural smoothie will not only match the sunset—they will keep your poolside party going on into the night.

This recipe combines the flavors of tropical Pina Colada and fruity Strawberry Daiquiri to make an amazing smoothie that is contrasting in both color and taste. The key to getting this smoothie just right is mixing the different components of the Pina Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri separately, creating a unique, layered smoothie that will be a favorite amongst kids and adults alike. The refreshing, nutritious fruit mix is sure to please anyone and everyone this summer.

This recipe also features only all-natural sweeteners and ingredients so you know exactly what you are blending—and that everything going into the smoothie is going to help you feel your best.

Start with blending the coconut milk, banana, agave, salt, and pineapple on your Blendtec’s “smoothie” setting. After about 50 seconds, stop the blender and pour the mixture into the serving glasses—but only fill the glasses up halfway to leave room for the Strawberry Daiquiri mixture.

After pouring the Pina Colada mixture, rinse your blender jar. Add the water, lime juice, agave, and strawberries into the Blendtec jar to make the strawberry daiquiri mixture. As you did with the Pina Colada, blend the mixture on “smoothie” for 50 seconds to get a really consistent blend.

Once it is properly blended, add the Strawberry Daiquiri mixture to the glass. Carefully pour it on top of the Pina Colada mixture to ensure even layers. You can sip the smoothie as is, or even mix the flavors together. If desired, garnish your smoothies with lime wedges, fresh whole strawberries, or even tiny umbrellas. Now all you have to do is sit back, relax, and admire your beautiful Miami Vice creation!


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