Meet Charity Anderson: Blendtec Ambassador

Charity Anderson Blendtec Ambassador

Image Courtesy of World of Dance

The word “passion” means something different to everyone. For some, it may be waking up every day to do what they love, for others it means giving 100% to any task at hand. Most agree that when you find what you’re passionate about, and keep doing that, you get to live a fulfilling and happy life.

For Charity Anderson, passion means hard work, dedication, precision, and drive. She’s passionate about dancing, and has been since she was just 2 years old. Her hard work and dedication have helped transform her into a competitive dancer. She is now contending with partner, Andres Penate, on NBC’s World of Dance Season 2 where the duo made series history, obtaining the first-ever perfect score from judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough & NE-YO.

For Charity, dancing is much more than a hobby or art form, it’s a form of communication.

“Dancing allows me to express myself in a way that words can’t.” Just like a writer has a beginning, middle, and an end in their story, dancing tells a complete story that compels viewers to relate to it. When she dances she gives her all – not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually – and is able to reach people on a depth that is moving. Charity feels fulfilled when her performance inspires others.

Nutrition plays a huge role in Charity’s life and helps her to achieve peak performance when she competes. She ensures she’s fueling her body with the right grains, fruits, vegetables, and proteins, and having a Blendtec blender enables her to get all of those essential nutrients in one quick smoothie.

Through dedication, hard work, and the right nutrition, Charity has been able to live her passion every day. Often, children will approach Charity and tell her that they want to be as good as her when they are older. She responds saying, “You don’t want to be as good as me. You want to be better.” 

“It doesn’t matter where you start. You could do anything you put your mind to. If you work for it, you could get it. If you put in the effort and have passion in what you do, you can achieve anything.”


Watch Charity and Andres’ perfect-score performance on World of Dance

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