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Mango Martini

Posted by Guest Blogger on

By Jenna Coker-Jones of Jonesin for Life

I can feel it now. The air has a certain lightness to it. The snow and wet rain have not quite made their appearance, but they are on the horizon. The sun is setting earlier, and you feel like you could use a nice summer vacation. Dreaming of beaches and R&R but still at home? In less than 5 minutes, this “Wishing I was on Vaca-tini” will transport you right where you want to be.

Mango Martini

2 servings


1 cup frozen mango (I like 365 Frozen Organic Mango)
1 tbsp mint (+ 2 leaves for garnish)
1 whole young thai coconut
¾ cup coconut water (poured directly from the coconut)
¼ cup coconut meat (scraped directly from the coconut)
7 ice cubes
Juice of 1 lime
3 oz tequila
Shredded coconut (optional; for garnish)


1. Pour water from coconut into a separate bowl and set aside. mango martini

2. Scrape out the insides of fresh whole coconut with a melon baller.

mango martini  
The melon baller makes it super easy to scoop meat out.

mango martini

Coconut meat should look like this after being scooped out. 3. Add prepared coconut ingredients, mango, lime, and tequila to Blendtec jar.

mango martini

4. Blend on "Ice Crush" setting, putting ice cubes in as it blends, by removing the clear plastic piece from the lid. 5. Once all ice cubes are incorporated, run one more "Ice Crush" cycle. 6. Pour into glasses and garnish with fresh mint leaves and shredded coconut.

mango martini   About the Author

jenna jenna coker-jones, certified holistic health coach, AADP, life maven, #fitmama & truth seeker! She is CEO & creative mastermind of Jonesin for Life! After watching her dad lose his life to Stage 4 cancer at the age of 54, she embarked on a quest to uncover the most effective way to live the life she knew God had intended her to live. And in turn, helping others do the same. Check out www.jonesinforlife.com for more info.

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  • Blend on Medium to Medium Low (speed 2 or 3) for 30-40 seconds. Keep an eye on it as to not over- or under-blend. Here is a link to the Blendtec cycle conversions for future reference.

    Kelli Farley on

  • So my blendtec designer 625 does not have ice crush cycle. How would I go about blending this?

    Steve d on

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