Infographic: Green Smoothie Benefits

infographic: green smoothie benefits

Green smoothies seem to very popular nowadays—especially for those trying to eat healthier. Many people may hear “green smoothie” and cringe at the very thought of it, but the truth is, green smoothies are actually quite tasty. Yeah, you have to put greens in a blender, blend them and then drink the smoothie, but simply adding other healthy ingredients, such as fruits, will give you a smoothie that's delicious and will still benefit your health.

Here at Blendtec, we have many of our own green smoothie recipes that you can check out on our YouTube channel and try for yourself. Lots of people (myself included) will tell you how healthy green smoothies are. So what are the health benefits? Check out our green smoothie infographic and learn for yourself! What are your favorite ingredients to add to your green smoothie?


Green Smoothie Benefits

green smoothie benefits

 Graphic by Manny Carreon, Blendtec graphic designer


  • Janice Stone

    Almost everyday I make this smoothie. It’s so light and refreshing.
    a cup of coconut water (chilled)
    about half a blender of kale or kale and spinach
    a handful of frozen pineapple chunks
    a handful of frozen mango chunks
    a dash of cayanne

  • Aaron

    I love to put grapes in my green smoothies. Grapes somehow seem to neutralize just about any bitter/vegetable taste that green smoothies tend to come with. Of course I always throw in some frozen berries too.

  • ben feedman

    ginger, chia seeds, flak seeds, OJ, bananas, strawberries or blueberries, mint leaves, kale and apple

  • Grammy

    2 C fresh spinach, washed
    1 banana —frozen in pieces
    1 tbsp Apple juice concentrate
    2 tsp Carlson’s Lemon flavored fish oil

    Blend on smoothie. Then add
    1 scoop Rainbow light vanilla protein energizer.

    Pulse 3 or 4 times.

    Sometimes I add a slice of lemon or ginger

    Got this one from a neurosurgeon.

  • Kameron

    I was hoping for a list of vegetable/fruits that can be juiced whole (skins and all) versus the ones that you definitely have to process. Can anyone point me to such a list?

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