Grain to Flour Goodness - SALE IS OVER

grain of flour goodness
Compact, powerful, and built to last, the Kitchen Mill quickly grinds grains, dried beans, and other legumes into fresh, nutritious flour. With Blendtec's Kitchen Mill, you'll benefit from every ounce of nature's goodness. You can receive $20 off the retail price of $179.95. Enter promo code kitchenmill at checkout. Hurry and order—this deal ends 2/15/13. Grain to Flour Goodness US and Canada residents only. Not valid with any other offer.


  • Kelli Farley

    Any of the setting will give you a fine flour. There is not much of a difference between the coarse (coarse will always give you flour, you cannot get a corn mill consistency) and the fine settings. An employee here who uses it a lot, always leave the setting in the middle between fine and coarse. You can mill any of the ingredients that are listed on the back of the manual.

  • Yazeed

    I really appreciate if there is more information or guide(or recipes) on how to use and what are the different grind settings for. Just yesterday, I received this as a gift and I really need to know what the application to grinds.
    what setting is for strong flour and what setting is for the Italian cooks; pizza & pasta.

  • Jane handrich

    can you grind beans into flour with this?

  • Kelli Farley

    Yes you can! As long as they’re not cooked :)

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