Blendtec's Designer 725 Voted Best Blender of 2017 by Gadget Review

Blendtec Designer 725 Best Blender 2017

Designer 725 Ranked #1 Best Blender of 2017

By Christen da Costa, Gadget Review

After spending countless hours with a variety of Blenders on the market today, I, Christen da Costa of Gadget Review, can honestly say that the best blender today is the Blendtec Designer 725. Why? There are a few reasons. But first I want to dispel most shoppers immediate concern: sticker shock. 

For most of us, during our formative years - growing up - blenders were more or less an afterthought when it came to a kitchen appliance. My parents would occasionally use it to make a virgin strawberry daquierre or entertain guests once a year with a margarita or two. Put another way thats how far the blender's utility extended. So with that in mind it's pretty reasonable to assume that a decent blender should cost some where between $50-75. But alas, that's not the truth of the matter, provided you're a cook, even in the moderate sense. How so?

Fast forward 20 years to today, and the blender has gone from playing on the sidelines to a first string contender in the kitchen. Instead of just making the one off beverage, the blenders of today, such as the Designer 725 can perform a variety of tasks, including, but not limited to making soups, ice cream (instantly I should add), your own rice flour (from actual rice) and my favorite, blending what might be the best green smoothie, with kale mind you, that' you've ever drank. Oh, and btw, it can also pulverize ice to a snow like consistency. Think snow cones for kids. 

So, that is the long and here is the short: while Blendtec's blenders sell for 100s of dollars, you're going to, in effect, be spending much less since you'll garner an unforeseen amount of utility out of it. Moreover, it will last well beyond your parent's blender, offering an 8 year warranty. But trust me when I say this thing is all but bulletproof. 

Designer 725

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  • Joselito Bispo de Jesus

    Great articles!

  • Denyne

    My canister bottom that I had for 5 years just broke. I ordered a new one from amazon and had it here in 2 days! I just opened the box and I am so thrilled. Thank you for redesigning the bottom to have the additional support and a more sturdy design! I know many that use your competitors product and I was thinking on switching since I had my blentec fo 10 years. No way! I love the new canister and I look forward to hitting my 50,000 blend or more this year! I love my blentec!!!

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