Citrus Berry Smoothie [Recipe of the Week]

citrus berry smoothie

Citrus Berry Smoothie

12 fl oz orange juice
1 banana
¼ c plain yogurt
1 c fresh pineapple chunks
2 c frozen strawberries
1 tbsp agave nectar, optional
1 c ice cubes

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Everyone loves smoothies! But do you know how and when the smoothie was born? No one can really pin-point the exact time the smoothie was invented, however, the smoothie as we know it was contrived around the same time as the invention of the electric blender in the 1920's and 30's. Mabel Stegner is the first to have coined the word "smoothie" in an article titled "Let the blender do it for you!" published on June 23, 1940 in the New York Herald Tribune. That same year, the word "smoothee" also appeared in the Waring Corporation's first booklet of recipes, "Recipes to Make Your Waring-Go-Round." Included were 12 recipes for "milk smoothees." Those early electric blender owners started making smoothies but it wasn't until the macrobiotic and health food movement of the 1960's and 70's that the smoothie was being sold in health food stores and ice cream shops. Today, smoothies can be found just about anywhere - mainstream cafes and coffee shops, pre-bottled in grocery stores, restaurants, etc. And, of course, made in the home by many all over the world (including YOU)!   References:

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