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Blendtec® Reboots Website with a Focus on Customer Needs

Posted by Bruce Carlson on

Leading premium blender company expands online content offerings, enhances usability.

Recipes on new Blendtec website

Blendtec’s new feature-rich website offers volumes of great recipe content. Blendtec, a leading manufacturer of high-end commercial and home blenders, today announced the launch of its new website and online storefront, found at www.blendtec.com.

The revamped site brings together easy-to-use navigation and rich content filled with numerous recipes, how-to videos, and opportunities for user participation. Nate Hirst, interactive marketing manager, spearheaded the Blendtec website reboot. “The new site reflects our commitment to innovation and the user experience,” says Hirst. “It’s super easy to use, has tons of useful content, and really connects with customers and food lovers in general.”

Further site enhancements are slated for release in the coming weeks and months, with the ultimate goal of becoming a primary destination for individuals whose interests span everything from health and fitness to technology, entertaining, and nutrition. Reed Beus, chairman and CEO of Blendtec, says the new website can help strengthen customer relationships. “Our customers are always a top priority.

We want to make sure they’re getting the most from their Blendtec blenders. And if they have any questions or concerns, we want to know,” says Beus. “Along with our efforts in social media, the new blendtec.com will improve our avenues of communication and trust.”

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  • Hi Kathy,
    If you are using the Champ HP3, then use button #2 for ice cream.

    Kelli Farley on

  • I have an “older” blender with numbers instead of icons.

    can you convert “ice cream” to a number for me, so I can blend according to the receipe??

    thank you
    I could not find anything on your site that ‘converts’ the old buttons to the new icons on your new blenders

    kathy on

  • Why does the ’ Choose your Blender’ chart state the Signature series has 10 speeds with the Up/Down feature found in the Classic Total Blender? The Signature inexplicably only has 5 speeds. I would love to know why the speeds were reduced to only 5. What market research told Blendtec that customers want less manual control – especially since the Ice Crush button was removed.

    Brad on

  • Hi Brad,

    Thanks for pointing out the error in the comparison chart—it’s in the queue to be fixed shortly. As for your other question, I think Paul answered that earlier here: http://www.blendtec.com/blog/2012/11/23/differences-between-the-designer-series-and-total-blender/

    As always, thanks for your feedback!

    Bruce Carlson on

  • That’s a great suggestion—you make a very good point! I’ll see what we can do.

    Bruce Carlson on

  • I would really like it if your recipes said if they’re in the ‘book’ or the Twister jar booklet. I am self-employed, and only online at work, where I have down-time to look at the site. Unfortunately, my book & booklet live in my kitchen at home. If I knew that I already had a recipe, I could save the time/expense of printing and wasting paper. Thanks.

    Karen D on

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