Blendtec Introduces New BPA-Free Blending Jar

OREM, UTAH – April 20, 2009 – 

Blendtec, a global provider of high-performance blenders and dispensing units, announced the release of a new blending jar that uses a copolyester material that has greater chemical resistance, has improved sound dampening qualities and contains no BPA (bisphenol A).

"We place a high value on innovation and continuous improvement with all Blendtec products, so our engineering department has been testing a number of new materials over an extended period of time to determine which was able to meet our production and usage specifications," said George Wright, vice president of marketing and sales for Blendtec.

"Many consumers are looking for alternatives to polycarbonate, and we are glad we can now offer that in this new jar, along with the other benefits of the copolyester material," said Wright.

The first use of the new material will be in the 2-quart blender jars included in Blendtec blenders for home use and in standard packages for specific commercial blenders. Other polycarbonate products are also under development, and as soon as production and usage specifications are verified, these products will be made available.

Blendtec’s blenders use a unique patented jar and blade design that produce superior blending results. Combining the advanced technology of the Blendtec motor and controls with the advantages of the new copolyester jar material will further enhance the value of Blendtec's product line and increase popularity.

To find out more about Blendtec, visit their website: You can also contact Blendtec directly at 800-748-5400.

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