Blendtec® Announces Stealth™, the Quietest, Most Advanced Commercial Blender

Blendtec raises the bar for commercial and foodservice blending once again with the upcoming release of the new Stealth blender–the quietest, most advanced commercial blender in the world.

  Blendtec Stealth blender

The new Blendtec Stealth is the world's quietest commercial blender.

Blendtec is pleased to announce the release of its new Stealth blender, the quietest, most advanced commercial blender available.

“The Stealth blender makes smoothies at the decibel level of normal conversation,” said Tom Dickson, Blendtec founder and CEO. “The Stealth is the most powerful, versatile Blendtec blender in any environment and is also the quietest blender in the world.”

The new blender gives foodservice professionals the best of both worlds: the strongest, most versatile blender on the market that can also be used in environments where sound is an important consideration.

The Stealth blender offers new opportunities for eateries, cafés, coffee shops and commercial kitchens everywhere to add blended drinks and expand their menus without disrupting their customers’ dining experience.

Industry Firsts

  • World’s quietest commercial blender (based on internal testing and available competitive data)
  • Illuminated capacitive touch controls
  • Touch slider for fine-tuned manual speed control
  • USB interface for easy programming changes and update

Quiet: Only Part of the Story

The Stealth blender includes the latest proprietary sound-management and airflow innovations and offers a host of other advances never before seen in the commercial blending marketplace.

An illuminated control surface with a capacitive touch interface brings commercial blenders into the twenty-first century. The control panel also features a manual slider for precise speed adjustments. In addition to the intuitive controls, the Stealth blender can be quickly loaded with new preprogrammed blend cycles via a USB port.

Blendtec customers can use the online program to create unique blend cycles for specific recipes and then easily roll out the changes to Stealth blenders across an entire franchise network.


Value for the Foodservice Industry

  • Powerful blending at the sound level of normal conversation
  • Simple, intuitive touch controls
  • One of the smallest footprints in its class
  • Fully customizable one-touch blend cycles
  • Easy USB programming across entire network of blenders

Dickson highlighted the need in the commercial marketplace for the Stealth blender’s advanced technology:

“Businesses have been craving these innovations, and we’re excited to be the first to deliver them.”

“Foodservice professionals can now expand their menus and offer incredible custom-blended food and drinks to their customers. And it doesn’t hurt that the Stealth is aesthetically amazing.”


  • Bruce Carlson

    Hi Rahib,

    The Stealth blends at 67 decibels, where normal conversation comes in at 65. The nearest competing machine blends at 71 decibels—a very noticeable difference!

  • Kim McKinney

    Hi Juliet,

    I’m happy to hear you are interested in our Stealth blender. You will love it! It is currently available. I’ll send you an email with information on pricing, etc.


  • Juliet Kjerulff

    Love to purchase the Stealth Blender…is it available NOW…how much is it? So Exciting =)

  • Bruce Carlson

    Hi John,

    We’ll have someone get in touch with you. Thanks for checking in with us!

  • John Knox

    We have a residential Blendtec… does an outstanding job……and it’s too loud for my ears.

    Please send me the purchasing info on the new Stealth Blender…..I’m looking everywhere and have the money to get the best……would love it to be the Stealth!

    Just in case my email and name don’t translate ( they’re only showing the bottom half of the letters here in my browser, which is Firefox.

    John Knox


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