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Blendtec Announces Best Warranties on Top Commercial Blenders

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Blendtec Commercial Blenders The Stealth, Q-Series, SpaceSaver, and Chef blenders are covered under the new, expanded Blendtec warranty. Professionals have long relied on the quality, innovation, and performance of Blendtec’s commercial blending equipment. Now the company has introduced another distinctive benefit of owning their machines: 3-year motor base warranties that include all genuine parts and factory labor, with no cycle-count restrictions. These industry-leading warranties apply to the new Blendtec Stealth™, as well as all Q-Series™ (including ABC models), SpaceSaver®, and Chef® blenders sold in the United States. The improved warranties are retroactive to products purchased on or after January 1, 2012. “We sell the best blenders in the industry, and now they have the best warranties,” said Tom Dickson, Blendtec founder and CEO. “We’ve achieved a level of product quality and reliability that supports warranties that simply can’t be found anywhere else.” Blendtec services all of its US equipment right at the factory in Orem, Utah, which ensures exceptional quality and a much faster response time for customers.

Warranty Details

The following warranties (against manufacturing or material defects) apply to Blendtec Stealth, Q-Series, SpaceSaver, and Chef blenders sold in the United States: • Motor base: 3 years parts and labor, no cycle-count restrictions • Sound enclosure: 3 years • Jar (all commercial versions): 1 year • Blade: Life of the jar • Drive socket: Life of the machine The new Blendtec warranties are the strongest, most comprehensive commercial blender warranties available—and further demonstrate the company’s commitment to the quality and workmanship of its products. By contrast, other commercial blender warranties come with limitations and fine print and often include cycle restrictions or require service through a third party rather than from the factory. Even some so-called 3-year warranties from other manufacturers only provide parts and labor coverage for the first year, leaving the burden of the labor costs for the final 2 years on the customer.

Service Plus™ for Long-Term Security

Along with the improved warranties, Blendtec continues to offer its revolutionary Service Plus program, which provides long-term security to users of the Stealth, Q-Series, SpaceSaver, and Chef blenders in the United States. Provided at no additional cost, the Service Plus program is a lifetime replacement plan that allows customers to purchase a replacement motor base at steeply discounted rates in the event of an out-of-warranty motor failure. This program drastically lowers the lifetime ownership costs of Blendtec blenders and virtually eliminates downtime for foodservice providers.

Effective Dates

Blendtec’s new warranties are now in effect and are retroactive for all covered blender models purchased on or after January 1, 2012. As with all warranties, the Blendtec warranties cover manufacturing and material defects and do not cover equipment failures due to abuse, neglect, modification, and improper maintenance.

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  • You cannot just replace the blade, as it is sonically welded. If you ever need a new jar, you will need to buy a whole jar. However, if you originally purchased your jar with a blender, it will carry either an 8 or 7- year warranty. If purchased a la carte, it has a 3-year warranty.

    Kelli Farley on

  • I am comparing different blender options and I cannot determine it it is
    possible to change or purchase newer blades to replace a worn out blade. I currently use an Oster and find that I have to occasionally hone the flats on the cutter..

    Robert McDonald on

  • Does the new warranties apply to the Blendtec EZ blenders?

    Kevin Pagan on

  • The new warranty doesn’t apply to the Blendtec EZ blender, which is covered for 1 year or 1,500 cycles. As with the other models, however, the EZ is contract-free, and comes with a lifetime warranty on the drive socket.

    Bruce Carlson on

  • This blender looks incredible…I would love to own one in White!

    Lori Stewart on

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