Bake for Family Fun Month

bake for family fun month
Bake for Family Fun Month You probably associate February with Valentine’s Day, but February is also Bake for Family Fun Month. So why not start a new tradition by bringing your family into the kitchen for some quality time together. If you follow the basic guidelines* below, your family will have fun bonding, even if more flour ends up on the counter than in the mixing bowl. Essential preparation: Read the recipe ahead of time and make sure it’s kid friendly. Note how long each step will take, and then add in some extra time to explain the recipe directions and provide guidance while preparing the recipe. Ingredients and equipment: Gather all the ingredients and equipment needed to make the recipe. For the best experience when baking with children, don’t substitute ingredients or use different equipment than specified in the recipe. Recipe instructions: Read the recipe with your family, and assign each member at least one task. Even if the adults end up doing most of the work, if each child is assigned to ensure a task is completed, the child will feel involved. Cleanup: While perhaps not the most fun part of the activity, it’s important to include the whole family in cleaning up. To make cleanup more exciting, challenge your family to finish cleaning before your tasty recipe is ready to eat. Bake for Family Fun Month Now, for the question of what to make. Choose something that will appeal to kids and adults alike, such as a family favorite or a recipe that’s been handed down through the generations. Or pick a new recipe that has simple instructions and involves fun shapes or a variety of colors. Spice Cake Pops meet both of these criteria. If you want to add nutrition into the equation, make Cranberry-Orange Pancakes. Up the fun factor by pouring the batter into metal cookie cutters placed on the griddle. For more recipe ideas, visit Blendtec’s Recipes page and the Home Baking Association. With so many options, you really will want to celebrate Bake for Family Fun all month long! What are your favorite foods to make as a family?   *Adapted from the Home Baking Association

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