Anatomy of a Blender, Part 6

anatomy of a blender, part 6

Let's dive once again into the inner workings of Blendtec blenders. This time, we're going to look at In which we examine a true masterpiece of engineering.

Feature #10: Steel-on-Steel Power

In a Blendtec blender, the power is transferred directly from the motor to the blade. All the intervening parts are steel and machined for a precision fit. This steel-on-steel approach results in lower vibration, reduced noise, and increased reliability.

Blendtec motor drivetrain

Blendtec's steel-on-steel power train is more reliable, lasts longer, and can transfer greater loads to the blade. In nearly all other blenders, the power goes from the motor through a breakable plastic coupling. The coupling is designed to break if the motor overloads, in order to protect the motor. Unfortunately, this design also limits blending power and decreases the life of the coupling.

Typical blender power train

A typical blender motor includes a plastic breakable coupling, which limits power transfer from the motor and reduces jar life.[/caption] A Blendtec blender, on the other hand, automatically detects an overload condition and shuts down, eliminating the need for a breakable plastic coupling. Have you ever noticed whether your blender has a breakable plastic coupling? If so, now you know why! Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


  • Kelli Farley

    Hi Mary,
    The number that is displaying on your screen is what we call a cycle count. That number shows how many times you’ve used your blender. 604 is a lot of blends! Glad to know you’re getting such great use out of your Blendtec.

  • mary Lega

    I have Model ES3 purchased from it. I just want to know how to reset the number that shows up on right-hand corner of home screen. How come it is so high 604. I have tried to lower it w/number/arrows but it keeps going up. Is the a set number that should show up on Home screen. Don’t want to damage my machine so was worried that the number goes up. Usually only make smoothies with frozen berries, verbs, etc. oh and cried ice. Am I damaging my blender with this high #? Thanks in advance for info.

  • Kelli Farley

    Blendtec blender jars are designed to have some play while blending so it can work through tougher ingredients, and disallowing the jar to move can cause overheating and wear on the jar and base. When using tough ingredients like frozen fruit and ice, you can stabilize the motor base if necessary. Thank you for the feedback! We are always open to suggestions.

  • Scott

    I noticed the Wildside jar edges sit directly on the base without any form of rubber gasket between them. The jar moves quite a bit, especially when starting up or when crushing ice. I keep my hand on top usually to keep things quiet and more steady, but I am a bit concerned this movement will result in wear on the base or damage to the paint. Would it make sense to add a small rubber gasket or one sided tape on the base under the jar edges to quiet things and preserve the base finish?

  • Kelli Farley

    There is no way to reverse the direction of the motor.

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