Anatomy of a Blender, Part 5

anatomy of a blender, part 5

It's the little things. It's true. When we love a product, much of the time it's hard to put a finger on exactly why. If asked, we might say, "I don't know; it just feels right." The reason it's hard to nail down why we love a product is that the product has little, often unnoticed design elements that make the overall experience better.

At Blendtec, we look for the little things. We obsess over them. Lots of them you'd never notice on your blender. But once you do, it's hard to imagine your blender any other way. Here are a couple examples of what I'm talking about.

Feature #8: Easy to Stack, Easy to Store

Blendtec jars are designed to be stackable, making storage a snap. We initially offered our stackable jars to the commercial market, where counter space is tremendously valuable. But we recognized that home users also value their counter space, so we introduced our space-saving jars in our consumer packages. We also discovered that stacked jars can get wedged together so tightly that they are hard to separate. So we added "winglets" to the outside corners of our jars, which prevents wedging and ensures you can separate your jars easily, every time.

stackable blender jars

Blendtec's FourSide and WildSide* jars are stackable, saving space and making storage a snap.

Feature #9: The Lid That Doesn't Get in the Way

A lid needs to do much more than just keep the blend inside the jar, particularly when it comes to blending hot soups, when heated air creates pressure against the sealed lid. So we created a removable vent to allow the steam to escape while blending. And then we thought, "If the vent lets steam come out, why can't the vent also let ingredients to come in?" So we added openings that do just that. Now you can add ingredients on the fly without even removing the lid. It’s the ultimate convenience!

Vented gripper lid

Blendtec jars have vented gripper lids, allowing hot air to escape and making it easy to add ingredients midblend.[/caption] Have you noticed any "little things" that make your Blendtec machine even better? Let us know in the comments, or sound off on Facebook!  

*The WildSide jar is no longer available for purchase. Please check out our new and improved WildSide+ jar.


  • Kelli Farley

    Hi Steve,
    We’re not entirely sure why it trips the inverter, but I do know that we never suggest a blender be used on anything other than a grounded outlet. Using the blender in a camper, motor home, or on any type of generator actually voids the warranty, simply because the power flow is not as consistent as a standard outlet in your home.

  • Steve Platter

    I have a motor home with a 2000 watt pure sin. When my Blendtec ES3 jumps to high speed it causes the inverter to shut off power. Does anyone know why this might be happening?

  • Jake

    Hardly a little thing but the height of the machine is perfect for operating the machine under an 18" standard cupboard. For people who want to just make basic smoothies/soups/whole juice daily for health and convenience this is a huge deal.

    I like the power switch in the back so we can completely disconnect the power to circuitry without unplugging the unit. No fear of vampire power drain. Had no idea this feature was there until I got it.

    Recipe book is high quality with hard covers. Nice little touch. It is put together the way a recipe book would be if it were the main attraction. Many products come with flimsy black and white recipe books that don’t stay open on their own and what not. This one is nice.

    I’ve used “that other blender” a fair amount and I do feel like both have their pros and cons. But the Blendtec seems designed from the ground up to be the ultimate smoothie/juice/soup machine and that is what it does hands free, no tamper, under the cupboard, with easy cleanup every time. I like that it is designed to be really good at the things people do the most, even if it does struggle compared to the competition for odd jobs like chopping/ice cream/peanut butter and the like.

    Although seriously, can’t you guys make a square tamper for this thing? They are handy once in a while.

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