3 Easter Ideas That Will Blow Your Kid's Mind!

3 Easter ideas that will blow your kid's mind

The Easter bunny is hip hopping his way down the bunny trail Sunday and if you're looking to get a little more creative than simply buying Peeps and throwing it in a basket  (not that there's anything wrong with that---or right for that matter), here are 3 Easter ideas that will leave those kiddos in awe! (OH and don't forget to read all the way until the end to pick up our bonus idea & Giveaway!)


1. Make Easter Egg Pancakes

Start Easter Sunday off with some creativity in the kitchen. If coloring Easter eggs is a tradition, add some pancakes (and of course you'll make the batter using your Blendtec) with this tutorial from The Artful Parent and really blow their minds! We don't however recommend hiding the Easter egg pancakes in your yard!

2. Easter Cup Creativity

Look at these cute and creative cups from Rebecca at Simple As That. Such a great idea to make snack ideas or to something cute to keep some small candy in. Better yet, make some Easter Smoothies & pour some nutritious goodness in these babies while you gobble (oops wrong holiday!) down those Easter Egg Pancakes!

Easter Cups from Simple As That Blog

Easter Cups from Simple As That Blog  


 3. Set Up the Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt!

Are your kids tired of the usual "hide" the Easter Eggs in full site type of hunt? Give them something that will truly blow their minds and in the process be the envy of all the kids in the neighborhood (and of course set a precedent for subsequent Easters for you!). How to do this?

Check out the post from Brit+Co on "How to Host the Ultimate Easter Scavenger Hunt" that has everything from Easter-colored fortune cookies, Peeps Pops, and also has great ideas on adult Easter Baskets and food!

We also found other great ideas with a step-by-step tutorial for How to Decorate Easter Eggs to Look Like Fruits & Veggies and 4 Easy Easter Egg Decorations You Can Make in 5 Mintutes or Less.

DIY Easter Fortune Cookies

DIY Easter Fortune Cookies

4 Easy Easter Egg Decorations

4 Easy Easter Egg Decorations You Can Make in 5 Minutes or Less


Bonus Tip: Where My Peeps At?

Did you buy too many of those pesky Peeps or did your little one bring one too many home? Don't fret, we gotcha covered! Because we're generous, this idea comes straight from our good friend Rachael Ray and it's from the same show Blendtec was featured on! We're not saying this is healthy...simply an option! (GIVEAWAY! Rachael just gave away the Blendtec 625 to her audience guests, and you can win one here as well!)

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