10 Lesser Known Coconut Oil Uses

10 lesser known coconut oil uses
What can you use coconut oil for? Well, there’s cooking, of course. Given its inherent health benefits, as well as it’s long shelf life, coconut oil is a great substitute for most cooking oils, and is one of the few that is safe to use on high-heat. But beyond the kitchen, there are actually any number of beneficial uses for coconut oil that you might not already be aware of. So, take a moment to turn your attention towards humble coconut oil, and see for yourself just how amazing this deceptively simple substance can be. After all, life doesn’t begin and end in front of your stove... coconut oil uses Impressed with these coconut oil uses? You can read about these 10 DIY Uses for Coconut. Let us know in the comments below what your favorite use is.


  • Dave Dally

    Yes it really is helpful thank you !!

  • Hayden

    I learn more about coconut oil, its uses and health benefits everytime I read informative posts like this. I’ve been using coconut oil for years and its many uses never seem to end. Keep up the good work.

  • Čopomôže

    Nice picture, I did have no idea that coconut oil have so many uses. Thanks for this picture.

  • Guy Warner


  • Janey Danes

    You forgot how great coconut oil is in making your hair shine. It can also be used to prevent grey hair from appearing.

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