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Can I Use My Blendtec Blender in Other Countries?

Can I use my Blendtec blender in other countries

The Blendtec Designer Series and Total Blender Classic are made for use only in the US and Canada.

I have a good friend who purchased a Blendtec Total Blender Classic several months ago. He loves it and wanted to take it with him when he moved to England so that he could continue to enjoy perfectly blended green smoothies, nut butters, and milk shakes. He asked me if he’d have any problems using his blender in England. Unfortunately, like a lot of other appliances, blenders that are built for the US market won’t work in many other countries around the world, including England. This is primarily due to differences in the power transmission systems.

Power systems used around the world can be lumped into two broad categories: 120-volt and 240-volt systems. In addition to the different voltages, countries often differ in power frequency (50–60 hertz, this usually doesn’t affect our blenders) and the type of plugs needed for the wall socket (there are at least 13 different types of plugs used around the world!).

Blendtec HP3A blender

The Blendtec HP3A is made for use in countries outside the US and Canada.

The motors that we use in our blenders are designed to operate at specific voltages. So, a blender built for the US market has a motor that operates correctly only when powered with 120 volts. A blender that will be used in England needs a motor that operates correctly at 240 volts, as well as a plug that fits into the electrical outlets in the country. Without replacing the motor and plug, a blender built for the US market will not function correctly in England. And, any changes made to adapt the blender to a different power transmission system will void the warranty.

Various devices can convert voltage and electricity currents. For example, transformers can convert 240 volts to 120 volts and power inverters can convert 12-volt direct current (DC) to 120-volt alternating current (AC). Though these devices can be used safely with low-power appliances, the devices usually can’t provide the power Blendtec blenders require or the waveforms necessary for our blender electronics to function correctly. We don’t recommend using these devices with our blenders; doing so will void the warranty.

Machine that tests different volts for Blendtec motors

We use ol’ Bertha here to provide different voltages as we test various motors.

So, while my friend’s blender works great in the US, it won’t work for him in England. The good news is that we currently ship blenders to nearly 90 countries worldwide (including England), so he is covered. Wherever you are, we probably have a blender that will work in your location!








(207) Comments on “Can I Use My Blendtec Blender in Other Countries?

  • Craig Barlow

    Hi Paul Faerber

    Nice topic and write up, I read with interest.
    However I wanted to point out a small editing mistake in the second paragraph.
    It reads: Power systems used around the world can be lumped into two broad categories: 1200-volt and 240-volt systems.
    I believe you meant to say “120-volt and 240-volt systems” ? a simple mistake in editing, but I’m trying my luck to see if I am worthy of a free Blendtec® Twister™ jar???

    Best Regards & Cheekyness!
    Craig Barlow

    P.S. The cost of Total Blender here in Europe is simply ridiculous, more than double what the American market charges. I am an electronics engineer and seriously considered the 240-volt to 120-volt transformer/rheostat option, but then decided that the Total Blender was such a classy piece of engineering that my modifications would have been crude in comparison. So I saved my olde English Pennies and paid the full price of £552 (US$825) so far she has been worth every penny saved, I’m a happy customer and recommend your products to friends and family :-)

    • Paul Faerber Post author


      Thanks for noticing the typo! It should be fixed now. A 1200-volt blender would be something to see! I’m glad that you have been enjoying your blender!



  • bez

    Hi Paul

    Thx for great information and products. I have used my friends Blendtec HPA3 for a while its a great product. Im going for a holidays to the states and was thinking to buy a blendtec, but as u mentioned i doesnt work in Europe/Sweden, but you also mentioned that the HPA3 are made for other countries outside USA/Canada, so i f i buy blendtec HPA3 would it be possible to use in Sweden?

    best regards

    • Paul Faerber Post author


      Thanks for the comments, and for the interest in Blendtec. Unfortunately, we only sell international blenders through in-country distributors. The price from these distributors is higher than what is advertised here in the US, in part due to the fact that the machine is 220V instead of 120V, but also since the dealer has to raise the price to cover shipping and VAT. However, by purchasing through the in-country dealer, that dealer will honor the warranty and will be able to service it if anything goes wrong. In your case, the in country dealer is below:

      Company Name: Barkonsult
      Contact Name: Jan Lövgren
      Address: Martendalsvagen 2H
      Tel: (46) 8644-6040
      Fax: (46) 8644-8310

  • Sorin

    Do You have a country dealer in Romania? You can publish the contact data here?
    Thank You very much!
    P.S. I love my Blendtec!

  • Katherine

    Hi there Paul,

    I am an American expat living currently living in London. I was hoping you could help me out with finding an authorized dealers here in the UK? Also, is a 220v Designer Series blender offered here in the UK, or just the Total Blender? I have only been able to find mention of the Total being available in the UK.

    Also, are refurbished UK versions of Blendtecs ever available?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Sam

    It’s unbelievable that the same blender abroad costs twice the amount. Please could someone explain the real reason behind this pricing difference? Other US products are sold at a price comparable to what one would pay in the US with a very slight premium added. It wouldn’t be considered usual to pay double for a Macbook Pro for example. A lot of my electronic gear works with either voltage – why is the Total Blender different and why is the price jump so big?

    • Sam,
      The motor technology used in Blendtec blenders is optimized for a specific voltage and therefore will not operate correctly at other voltages. International pricing includes additional shipping and duty fees, these add to the final cost of the product.

  • jonina

    Dear Paul, please advise if I can purchase a 220V Total Blender from Blendtec in the US and bring it back with me to Europe (or Israel to be more precise)?
    thank you,

    • Jonina,
      Unfortunately Blendtec does not sell 220V blenders in the United States, they are only available through Blendtec’s network of international dealers.

    • Champion

      I am also okay to get a 220V blender in US and take to India myself ( that might help to keep the cost low )

      • Riaz

        Can you email the details for distributors in India? I’m glad I found this article . if you can put a link on your main website about this info for your intnl customers that would help a lot as I arrived here through Google and was considering a step down convertor for use

        • Here is the contact information for our dealer in India:
          Company Name: Benneta Barscope Pvt.
          Contact Name: Vickram Medirata
          Address: Suites 1208-1210, DLF Tower B
          Jasola District Center
          New Delhi, Delhi, 110044
          Phone: +91.11.41550060

          • riaz

            Hello ,
            I contacted and spoke to a rep.I am looking to buy the latest signature series but they are selling your old models and also they only offer a warranty of 12 months as compared to your 8years that you guys offer. Is there anywhere else I can buy the 240v signature or designer series internationally? Please suggest

          • We do not have the Signature or Designer series available outside of the US and Canada. We are working on getting some of our newer models available in Europe late-Spring.

  • Kirk Dunkirk

    1. I can understand USA Blendtec products not working as-is in places such as Europe or Australia, but it seems like they should work in west Japan, right? The plugs are the same, voltage is 100v and operates at 60hz.

    2. One reason I want a Blendtec is for their great reliability. I understand that regional distributors honor the warranty, but how can small local distributor modify an original Blendtec product with a different motor and expect to offer the same durability?

    • Hi Kirk,
      To answer your questions:
      1. Blendtec products built for the USA will operate correctly in the Japan.
      2. We provide all the training, parts and tools necessary for our distributors to repair our products. As long as they are a Blendtec authorized distributor, they are capable of servicing Blendtec products to factory specifications.

      I hope that helps.

  • Gunnar

    I too made the mistake and bought a Blendtec blender in the US, convinced (!) that I would be able to use it in Sweden where I live with transformers etc. Well, I should have paid more attention during science class … The blender is useless here.

    Blendtec is available for purchase in Sweden, but I must say that your pricing policy leaves a lot to desire. The cheapest price I have been able to source is about USD 930 which I find ridiculous. You sell them at Cosco for about USD 350 and even though you need to build them differently for European use, I don’t think it justifies paying 165% more. You have a great potential in Europe, but at the moment, your pricing policy limits it.

    • Hi Gunnar,
      Thank you for sharing your experience. The reason for the higher prices in Europe is due to the additional costs for exporting. Extra costs, such as: taxes, shipping costs, duties, other government fees and regulations and the extra cost to convert our blenders from 120v to 240v all factor in to the price of blenders that our sold in Europe and other countries. Based on these factors, the dealer then sets the final price.

  • Leslie

    How about the east of Japan? I checked that the voltage is 100v but operates at 50Hz there. Will it also function well there?

  • Cortney

    Thank you very much for this information, Paul.

    As I am back and forth from the US and Europe, I’d like to understand if it is possible to purchase the Blendtec HP3A in the US for use also over in Europe.
    I contacted the Blendtec office, and they told me that the Blendtec HP3A can only be purchased in Europe by a local distributor??
    Since it costs almost double, I was hoping there might be a better way.
    Any advice is much appreciated.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Cortney,
      Unfortunately, we don’t make a dual voltage blender. You would need separate blenders for when you’re in the US and when you’re in Europe.

      The reason for the higher prices through local distributors in Europe is due to additional costs, such as taxes, shipping costs, duties, other government fees and regulations and the extra cost to convert our blenders from 120v to 240v all factor in to the price of blenders that our sold in Europe and other countries. Based on these factors, the dealer then sets the final price.

  • Martin Engelke

    Hi Paul,
    I’m from Germany and want to buy a Blender from the Designer Series but I’ve never seen a 220V version of these great blender. Can you pls let me know whether a 220V version of them are built/available in general and if yes, from where could I buy it.
    Many thanks.

    • Hi Martin.
      Unfortunately we don’t have our Designer Series available in a 220v. This is something we are working on and hoping to expand into other countries, but we have no ETA. I hope that helps.

  • Jolaug

    Hi Paul.
    I currently live in the states, but I am going home to Georgia in a few months.
    Can I buy a 220V Blender in the United States to take it home with me?
    Thank you for your response.
    Sincerely Jolaug

    • Hi Jolaug,
      Unfortunately, we don’t sell 220v blenders in the U.S. You will have to purchase one from our dealer in Turkey. I’ve e-mailed you their contact information for reference. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    • Unforutnately, we don’t have a list available on our site at this time. If there’s a specific country you’re looking for please let us know by sending an e-mail to We can then let you know if we have a dealer in that country and can send you their contact information.

  • Sascha

    Hi Paul,
    I live in Germany. The power voltage here is 240V.
    Do you offer the Blendtec Stealth for 240V or are you planning to do so?
    I am very fond of the idea of noise reduction!

  • Indian Buyer

    You are missing a big market, As you are aware most of Indians are vegeterian and they would love to have this product in India, Consider making the 220v device.


  • Alistair Leaver

    I live in the UK and make a ton of green juice every week (almost literally!). I would love to get a Blendtec to do this job but it leaves too sour a taste in my mouth to know that for £240 I could get a Blendtec Total with two containers in the U.S. whilst in the UK I have to spend min £520 for the same product. I know, I know shipping, taxes, converting the motors, etc. But I don’t believe this warrants the mark up… At present it just doesn’t make sense (unless one has a considerable disposable income) to invest. As I can see there are plenty of Europeans in my position – get cracking into the European market before Vitamix does first!

  • Gary

    Hello Kelli / Paul,

    I haven’t read all above, but it seems that there is no blender available for the german Power Supply System? (what can’t be as its used by McDonalds, etc) If so, could I buy it in the UK? Then I’d just have to change the plug wouldn’t I? I know that would void warrenty but it should not harm the Blender as the Power Supply System is the same, shouldnt it?

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Gary,
      Thanks for you comment. We do offer our HP3A blender, our international version of the Total Blender, through our dealer in Germany. I’m going to go ahead and e-mail you their contact information so that you can get in touch with them about purchasing a blender. I don’t suggest purchasing one through the UK and changing the plug. Like you said, it will void the warranty, but it will also be harder to service the blender if you ever experience any problems with it.
      I hope that helps.

  • Elina


    Is it possible to find a Total blender in Europe/Belgium, Germany, France, The Nederlands? Not the HP3A version of it but the real Total blender? I don’t like the HP3A control panel, like the Total blender’s panel much better.

    Best regards,


  • Agne

    I would love to get your Designer Series Blendec (I need 220v). Are you planing to sell it anytime soon or is it better for me to buy Total Classic? I would also like to ask, whether you know any internet sites in Europe, where I could get your Blendec for the best price (dealers from Lithuania sell them for double price).

    • Hi Agne,
      We don’t had an ETA of when our Designer Series will be available in 220v. Our HP3A is our international version of the Total Blender. It is best to buy the blender from a dealer in the country where you reside; that way if it ever needs to be serviced, they will be able to do that for you.

  • Rohit

    Hi Kelli,
    You replied a previous comment for buying a Blendtec Blender in India. My mom was visiting us for 3 months and she is now addicted to the capabilities of the Blendtec. Can you please send me details so I can get her, her favorite new appliance :)

  • Agnes

    Hi, I bought my Blendtec in Costco UK, as you suggested above. After 5 months of use the blade in the four side jar became loose, and I noticed bits of black plastic (bearing?) in my blend. The advice in troubleshooting section of Owner’s Manual is: “contact your Blendtec service center”. How can I find it?

  • Nath


    I have bought a blendtec blender from U.S. And I can’t send it back.

    If I get a 220 to 120 V transformer with a power rating of 3000 W. Will it work in India.

    The motor specs says 120 V – 1560 W – 50/60 Hz. So if I can get an input of 120 V and 50 Hz. it should work. Isn’t it.

    What would be the downside.

    Also, can you send me the details of your Dealer in India.

    • Hi Nath,
      When any type of adapter or transformer is used on our blenders, it alters the sign waves so they are no longer the same. This will affect how the blender works. It can affect it in many ways…It may not work at all, it may work fine for a little while then die, or it will change the way the speeds or the cycles work. Basically you will not experience the true performance of a Blendtec and the warranty will be void. For best performance and warranty purposes it is best to use a machine built with the correct power requirements for your country. I will send you our dealer information in separate e-mail.

      I hope that helps answer your questions.

  • Amit

    Hi Kelli,

    Can you please email me the dealer info in India. My parents used Blendtec when they were here in US and loved it. So they would like to purchase one that meets Indian requirements.


    • Hi Craig,
      The voltage on UK and Singapore blenders is the same, but the plug if different. If you were to buy the UK Blendtec and use it in Singapore, it would most likely damage the blender and your warranty would be void. If you’re interested, I can send you our dealers information in Singapore. Just e-mail, and I’ll send it your way.

  • Linda

    I saw in Amazon we can buy Blendtec HP3A. Would you think if we buy it here in US and bring it to China, it can be properly used in China?
    Please send me the dealer information in China. Thanks.

  • Lucian

    Before reading your post, I made the mistake to ask a friend who had a short trip to usa to buy a Total Blender Classic Certified Refurbished for me. I live in Europe… :)
    When I receive the blender, I realise that I cannot use it. Please tell me what are my options.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Lucian,
      You can try to sell the blender on Amazon or another online site. I can send you the info or our dealer nearest you so you can see what blenders that have for purchase.
      Unfortunately, there’s not much else we can do.

  • Kajal Das

    Can you please provide the dealers contact information to purchase Blendtec high end products in India?
    Thank you so much

  • Sierra

    Hi, I live in Japan and want to purchase a Blendtec, if I buy one in the US will it run properly here, or will it slightly lag? (Japan is 100v) Also are there Blendtec dealers in Japan? and if so are those blenders made specifically for the Japanese voltage?

  • Justin Becker

    I made the mistake of having my Blendtec shipped out to me in Thailand. I incorrectly assumed that I could just get a converter and didn’t consider the power needed for the motor. I’m wondering if it is worth trying to use a converter anyway as I probably will not ship it back to the States. Is it just a matter of the warany being voided or will my blender definately not work using a converter?

  • Jasko


    I need 2x blendtec Q Series for my juice bar in Denmark.
    Can you recommend a dealer for me?

    Thanks in advance

  • Ioannis

    I also would like to comment here that my Blendteck ICB3 on it label specifications is written 120V 50-60Hz 1500W. It says it can be used between 50-60 Hz . So my question is why i can not use it with 50 Hz even it is written on its label that can be used between 50-60Hz.



    • If your product states that it can be used between 50-60Hz, there will be no issues. The power frequency differs in countries, but it typically doesn’t affect our blenders or other products.

  • Hi Paul,

    My husband and I are based in the Philippines and are looking to purchase a Blendtec machine here that we could later take to the Netherlands. Thanks for the information about Blendtec HP3A!

    Hi Kelli,

    Kindly email me your Philippine country dealer’s contact information. Thank you.


  • Andy

    Hi. Does the 220V version, of the Total Blender that we have in Europe, have the same speed as the US version? I’m asking because speed (rpm) specs that I can find on the web are contradictory. Could you please confirm what is the maximum speed of the European version? Thank you.

  • Andy

    I’ve just ordered my Total Blender 220V from Costco UK for £350 with 2 jars (hasn’t arrived yet!). The same combo (in 110V) works out £340 from after shipping and taxes. Blendtec doesn’t cost double in Europe as many may think and £10 in the difference is definitely not worth it loosing the 8 years warranty or the hassle of using converters. Thumbs up to Costco/Blendtec for finally giving us the Total at a competitive price! Can’t wait for mine to arrive.

  • Linda

    Right now online we can see they sell Blendtec HP3a in the USA. You said HP3a has 120v. Do you think if we buy a HP3a in the USA and can it be used properly in China?
    The price of it in China is too much higher than the one sold here.

  • Sima


    First of all I want to thank you for you for shareing this infromation.

    I have a question. I’m living in Canada and I want to buy a blendtec 220 v for mom who lives in Iran. Is there any way I can buy 220 v blendtec in Canada or USA? I love my blendtec and I’m sure my mom will love it too.

  • Aks

    Hello Paul-
    Do you have a blendtec dealer in India?
    I want to gift one to my mum; she loved the one we are using.



    A friend of mine brought me to Spain from the US the Blendtec Total Blender ES3. Unfortunately, I cannot return it. It has 1560watt, if I use a 120/240 transformer up to 2000watt, it should work right?


  • Mathieu Nguyen

    Hi Paul,

    The UK version of the Total blender is 240v. Can I use it in another country which has 220v & 50Hz?

    Thanks much,

  • Hi, where can i purchase a blendtec blender in Spain (I assume that the 220 volt version remains unavailable in the US)?

    Also, can the 220 volt version be used in the US, I understand the reverse is not possible (i.e., using the US version in Europe).


      Company Name: Market Grounds GMBh & Co
      Contact Name: Michael Nissen
      Address: Holzdamm 28-32
      20099 Hamburg
      Tel:+ (49) (0) 40 8090300-30
      Fax: +(49) (0) 40 8090300-99

      Company Name: Plüss & Partners
      Contact Name: Valerie Plüss
      Address: Kehlhofstrasse 4
      8003 Zürich
      Tel: (41) 44-462-35-50
      Fax: (41) 4-461-27-53

  • Mina Ghulam


    Two questions please:

    Do you have available dealers in Dubai?

    If not, where can I buy online with 220volt that ships to Dubai?

    Much appreciated!


  • Ryan Liang

    Hello there Kelli,

    I just want to know that had a Blendtec Q series which brought from US with 120v.
    I understand that I can’t use in Malaysia with 220v.

    I can use a power converter / transformer to convert the 220v to 120v and I change the plug ?
    If yes, will the blender works perfectly ?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you .

    -Ryan Liang-

      • Ryan Liang

        Dear Kelli,

        Thanks for your reply.

        If I brought a Blendtec in China (220v) and use it in Malaysia (230v) , is it safe ? And the performance is the same?

        Thank you .

        -Ryan Liang-

        • Hi Ryan,
          When using a blender internationally, Blendtec can only suggest that you use the blender in the country it was manufactured for. We will never encourage someone to take their blender to another country and use it, especially with different power levels. We never encourage someone to use an adapter for liability reasons. Again, we cannot guarantee the constancy of power in other countries.

  • James

    My wife bought a blendtec at US$ 600- had it shipped at a cost of US$275 to Uganda only to realise that the power is incompatible to the 240V power here. Sending back the appliance to the USA does not really add up. What option does she have to get a working equipment apart from spending money to buy another one which is compatible and losing the US$875 she has already spent?

  • Stela


    Is the Blendtec Stealth available in Romania? Can you please post the authorized dealer in Romania?

    Thank you!

  • Andy

    I tried plugging it in with just an adapter. The blendtec worked for a second and powered off. The fuse in the adapter blew. Is the blender ok?

  • Elizabeth

    Hi, I live in the middle east (Dubai) to be precise and here its 220V electricity. I’m serious interested in the designer series, referred by a close friend from US- who brags a lot about it! :D
    Now since this come only in the 110V is it OK, if i used a good quality step down transformer? Can it lead to some hazardous situation? Could you shed some light on this?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      The blender will work with a good quality transformer, however, we cannot guarantee if it will work properly or for how long. Also, the warranty will be void on the blender.

    • Here is the information for our dealer in India:
      Company Name: Benneta Barscope Pvt.
      Contact Name: Vickram Medirata
      Address: Suites 1208-1210, DLF Tower B
      Jasola District Center
      New Delhi, Delhi, 110044
      Phone: +91.11.41550060

    • We do not have any dealers in Ghana. We have two options you could look into; South Africa or Egypt.

      Company Name Queen Trade
      Contact Name: Mina Milad
      Address: 21 Ali Abas El Halwany St.
      El Abrahmia
      Alexandria, Egypt
      Tel: +203-591-3933

      Company Name: Go Natural
      Contact Name: Johan Jacobs
      Address: Unit 32 King Fisher Park,
      Cnr Nobel & Ou Paardevlei rd,
      The Interchange
      Tel: +(27) (0) 21-8522-744

  • Kevin

    Please tell me how long the Wildside blender will take to come in Mauritius if I buy here and how much is shipping. Also tell if you’ll pay shipping if I have to send it back for repair.Please send me the reply by mail. Thanx.

    • Hi Kevin,
      We do not ship to Mauritius from our website. You will have to contact one of our dealers:
      Company Name Queen Trade
      Contact Name: Mina Milad
      Address: 21 Ali Abas El Halwany St.
      El Abrahmia
      Alexandria, Egypt
      Tel: +203-591-3933

      Company Name: Go Natural
      Contact Name: Johan Jacobs
      Address: Unit 32 King Fisher Park,
      Cnr Nobel & Ou Paardevlei rd,
      The Interchange
      Tel: +(27) (0) 21-8522-744

  • mik

    reading the comments made so far, i just want to ask if anything would be wrong if i use my blender with a transformer?( step down from 220V to 110V)

  • Borut

    Hi Kelli,

    Would you please list the dealers for Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

    Any ETA on a Designer version for 220V?


    • Here is the contact information for our dealers:
      Company Name: Blendtec Italia
      Una divisione di
      Jacaranda Global Brands srl
      Contact Name: Paolo Moro
      Address: Via Puccini 22
      Bettolino di Pogliano
      Milan, Italy
      Tel: +39 02 9396022

      Company Name: Jacaranda
      Contact Name: Flaminia Gulienetti
      Phone: +39 345 2688162

      Company Name: SC Projekt,
      Contact Name: Simon Cerkvenik S.P
      Address: Jamnikarjeva ulioca 12
      1111 Ljubljana. Slovenia
      Tel 38 641 779 888

      Company Name: Bio Kuca
      Contact Name: Martina Subic
      Address: Dba: Cyberfunk Café
      Street Sv. Jatej 79
      Zagreb, Croatia
      Tel: 385 1 6399070

  • Vanessa

    Hey ;) I am looking for a dealership in Spain , could you please give me the address where I could order online?

    Best, Vanessa

  • Gaella

    Hi Kelli, sorry, we all seem to be asking the same things over and over. Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you put your dealers’ contact details on the website? Couldn’t find a Belgian dealer in the “Find a store” area. Could you pls send me the details? Many thanks

    • Hi Gaella,
      We are working on getting a finalized list of international dealers together, so that we can put it on the site, but in the meantime, this is the best way we can do to ensure our customers get the information they need.

      Company Name: Interfast Rotterdam bv
      Contact Name: Remco van Leeuwen
      Address: Swalm 21
      3068 LH Rotterdam
      The Netherlands
      Tel: + 31 104 550 166
      Fax: + 31 10 4216134

  • Karolos

    Hi Kelli,

    I would like to know if you have distributors in Greece.
    If you don’t I would like to have a cooperation with you!

  • Naren

    Hi Kelli,

    I would like to buy Blendtec to use in India. Where do you think it would be cheaper to buy, in UK or Dubai. As I am leaving UK end of the month and will be visiting Dubai for couple of days. Please confirm at the earliest.



    • Here is the contact information for our dealer in Saudi Arabia:
      Company Name: Al Raqtan
      Address: PO Box 1219
      Al-Khobar 31952
      Tel: Sami Barqawi 966 56 0881871
      Tel: Muthanna Abdulaziz 966 50 4949628

  • RJ

    I’m interested in taking a Blendtec Signature model to Switzerland. Considering the warranty and transformer issues, I’m wondering about having the motor replaced with the 220v version. Is this something which could be performed by one of your service centers and do you have any idea what the cost would be?


      • Eva

        Hi, can you please give me the contact info – delaer in Czech Republic and also specify spring time and model please? Thank you, Eva

        • Hi Eva,
          Here is the contact information for our dealer in Czech Republic. It would be best to contact them in order to find out what models they have available.
          Company Name: Karmeb s.r.o.
          Contact Name: Mirek
          Address: Kourimská 4/2368
          CZ130 00 Prague 3
          Czech Republic
          Tel: +420 272 740 832

          • alvaro


            I am from Spain. Can I buy my total blender at cosco uk and have warranty?

            when will the designer series be available in 220V?


          • Hello,
            We are actually now in the Costco warehouse in Seville, Spain. It would be better if you purchased a blender from that Costco.
            We are working to have the Designer models available in Europe this spring.

  • Caroline


    I would like to purchase a Blendtec blender in Belgium. Can you please give me the dealers’ contact information? Thank you!

  • Margo

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to by a Professional 750 blender in the USA and than take it to Russia. The price, which dealers in Russia ask is cosmic, so I prefer, if possible, transport it from the USA, better than buy it in Russia. Do you have any models of your great blenders , which could operate in Russia, available to be sent to an address in the U.S.? Thank you in advance for your kind attention and help!

  • Zaneta


    Is there any blendtec blender for home use available in France, belgium germany or poland?

    Thanks for your help.

    • yes, be sure you contact the dealer located in the same country as you. Here is the contact information for our dealers:

      Company Name: ABAK
      Contact Name: ROMAN BISHOP MOB: 33 6 42 48 44 52
      Address: 48 QUARTER, RUE DELERUE

      Company Name: Interfast Rotterdam bv
      Contact Name: Remco van Leeuwen
      Address: Swalm 21
      3068 LH Rotterdam
      The Netherlands
      Tel: + 31 104 550 166

      Company Name: Market Grounds GMBh & Co
      Contact Name: Michael Nissen
      Address: Holzdamm 28-32
      20099 Hamburg
      Tel:+ (49) (0) 40 8090300-30

      Company Name: Primulator
      Contact Name: Marek Robacha
      Address: Ul. Fabryczna 25
      90-341 LODZ
      Tel: +48 42 676 0474

  • Leslie SIm

    HI Alll..

    So a few months ago I was really upset with the after sales service from Blendtec. Any how, since then Adam Bean and the Blendtec team have been amazing and have helped me out 100%.

    Thanks again to Adam as he took it upon himself to sort my Blendtec problems out..

  • Cindy


    Im from Malaysia and I would like to get blendtec from authorized seller prefebly here in Malaysia. Who should I contact?

    Also, I will be travelling to UK in 2 months. I see they currently sell it on costco. If I purchase it in UK, will I be able to use it here in Malaysia?


    • Cindy

      I have a friend visiting from Australia in 2 weeks. Can Australian blendtec be use in Malaysia? (with traveler adapter)

    • We have two dealers in Malaysia that you can contact:
      Company Name: Coffex Coffee
      Contact Name: Kelvin Ngow
      Address: No. 30 & 32, Jalan PJU 1A/12
      Taman Perindustrian Jaya
      Selangor D.E., 47301
      Tel: +(60) 3-7845-2698

      Company Name: SCC Corporation Sdn Bhd
      Contact Name: Chu Soo Meng
      Address: 19-21, Jalan Hujan,
      Taman Overseas Union,
      Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 58200
      Tel: +603-77828384

      We do not recommend that you buy a Blendtec in a country other than where you live.

    • Yes, because the plug on a blender sold in the UK is different than the plugs in India. If you use a converter, the warranty will be void. We do have a dealer in India that you can buy a Blendtec from:
      Company Name: Benneta Barscope Pvt.
      Contact Name: Vickram Medirata
      Address: Suites 1208-1210, DLF Tower B
      Jasola District Center
      New Delhi, Delhi, 110044
      Phone: +91.11.41550060

  • egle

    Do You have a country dealer in Poland or Latvia? You can publish the contact data here?
    Thank You very much!

    • Here is the contact information for our China dealers:
      Company Name: DKSH
      Contact Name: Alanis Xu
      Address: Room 1102, Block A No. 9
      Xinmai Building, No.99
      Tianzhou Rd. Xuhui District
      Shanghai, China 200233
      Tel: +8621 5445 0999

      Company Name: Unitech
      Contact Name: KC Chen
      Address: 7F-A Hengtong Int’l Mension
      No. 855 Changning Road
      Shanghai, China 200050
      Tel: +86 21 6240 0595

  • Csaba

    Hi Kelli,
    Do You have a dealer in Hungary? Please send me the contact information for your Hungary dealer.
    Thnk you.

  • Jackie

    I live in Ireland and bought my Blendtec in April 2010 for £499 Sterling. A HUGE investment. Incredibly it died 2 years and 1 month later when the seal around the base caused my daily smoothie to leak into the motor.

    It was going to cost £250 to get it fixed in the UK and even then I’d have to get a new jug and pay for shipping!!! I’ve been using the Magic Bullet ever since which has worked well but I want to get a bigger blender again.

    I’m looking around at the moment for something not so expensive. I would love to go with Blendtec again but just find it difficult to afford it and am worried after the last time. I was hoping you might have an agent in Ireland where at least I could buy it in Euros? I didn’t find one yet. The one that comes up on my search engine is the same one I bought from the last time – UK Juicers – and they are the guys who gave me the quote for the repair costs.

    Any suggestions for me please. I live in hope.


    • Hi Jackie,
      I’m sorry to hear that you had these issues with your blender. We do have a dealer in Ireland; their contact information is below:
      Company Name: Industrial Hygiene & Catering EQ
      Contact Name: Patrick Nagel
      Address: Greenhills Industrial Estate, Unit 20D
      Walkinstown, Dublin 12
      Tel: (353) 1-460-4044

  • Tanya

    I am wondering will any of your blenders work in Russia if bought from an authorized reseller in China mainland or HK, Taiwan?

    Thanks in advance

    • We recommend that you buy a Blendtec specifically made for the country you intend to use it in. Here is the contact information for our dealer in Russia:
      Company Name: Juicemaster Co. LTD
      Contact Name: Yakov Puzyrev or Serge Ivanov
      Address: Varshavskoe Shosse 42
      Bldg 1, Office 411
      Moscow, Russia 115230

      • Tanya

        Thank you! I’ve contacted them and they are out of stock, and blenders won’t be available for another couple of months. I would really appreciate a professional consultation on my question about using a blender bought in China in Russia. Thank you

  • ishaan

    Hi there,

    Bought the Pro 800 Blender while in the USA & now moved to india. The blender is just a month old and now realized that i cant use it in india!! Bought from

    Considering the cost ( your most expensive blender ), Im totally disappointed. What’s to be done ? Shipping back to amazon not possible coz 30 days is over & shipping costs would be more than 250 USD !!

    Blendtec! Can you guys do something ? Like I can send it to a retailer in india or any nearest country and do an exchange for an indian working model. Please let me know as the cost is 1000 USD and now im totally disappointed. I’ve not tried any converter’s since it voids the warranty.

    • Jessica Andreasen

      Unfortunately, under our current policy, we would not be able to do anything. Amazon would be the only one who might be able to refund you and it sounds like that can’t happen. We empathize with your situation but, unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do.

  • ishaan

    (50–60 hertz, this usually doesn’t affect our blenders)

    What does this statement mean ? That the frequency change wouldn’t be a problem ? Will it work with a different frequency. Is it 50 or 60 or 50-60.

    • Jessica Andreasen

      It’s saying that frequencies between 50-60 hertz shouldn’t affect our blenders, however, the changes in volts and plugs will.

    • Hi Alex,
      The Designer 725 is not available in 220v, nor do we have an ETA for this. However, the Classic 575 and Designer 625 are both in the works to be available in 220v, and should be available in Europe soon.

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