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Blendtec Jars Side-by-Side-by-Side


A good portion of Blendtec magic comes from the jars. Blendtec jars feature a patented, single, wingtip blade, one of the features that allow Blendtec’s jars to effectively harness a Blendtec motor’s enormous power.

But performance comes from more than just the blade. Let’s look at the three jars that are currently available for Blendtec blenders.

WildSide Jar*

We’ve discussed the strengths of the WildSide jar before—and even shown how others have copied the design when they couldn’t duplicate the WildSide’s performance. The WildSide jar has a wide base and a narrow fifth, or “wild,” side that changes the angle of the blending vortex; as a result, frozen ingredients are far less likely to form a cave above the blade. These features makes the WildSide jar great for large, cold recipes as well as more specialized blends, like bread dough. And, of course, making smoothies in the WildSide jar is never a bad choice.

wildside comparison chart

FourSide Jar

When it came out, the FourSide jar revolutionized the world of commercial blending. Its square shape is much better at blending than traditional round jars. The jar also generates more friction, heating soups a little faster than does the WildSide jar. It’s also especially good for dry grinding and making smaller smoothies.

fourside comparison chart

Twister Jar

You might have seen our previous blog post about Blendtec’s latest jar offering: the Twister jar. This jar is truly unique. Its patented scraper tines are incredibly effective—as well as super fun to use! The Twister jar is perfect for the thickest recipes. If you think something’s too thick to blend in the Twister jar—you’re probably wrong.

twister comparison chart

Of course, what you blend in your Blendtec jars is limited only by your imagination (and the warranty—so don’t go blending rocks!).

Have you discovered anything that makes a particularly awesome blend in your Blendtec? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments section below!


*The WildSide jar is no longer available for purchase. Please check out our new and improved WildSide+ jar.

(28) Comments on “Blendtec Jars Side-by-Side-by-Side

  • Debbie

    I have the Wild Side jar. I make a lot of whole juice smoothies. I find that there is a LOT of air being incorporated into the smoothie. Any way to prevent or reduce the amount of air?


    I have a Model Number K-TEC ES-3 it has the 4 sided jar. It has the number 5080 on the bottom of the jar. The bearings seem to be out by the blades, the motor is great, the blade won’t go around in the jar. How do I try and get a replacement jar. I understood that when it was purchased 10 plus years ago that the bearing would never go bad since it was a sealed bearing. Thanks for your help.

  • Daxa zaveri

    Hi, I have Blendtec wild side Jar. I want to blend small portion of Wheat Grass and Aloe everyday for my husband’s aurvedic medicine practice. Do you have smaller jar available? Current jar is too big for small portion of meds. Please let me know if you are planning to produce in future. I do not want to spend another hundred dollar for Majic Bullet just to get small jar..

  • asim

    Good day,

    I believe Blendtec has some new jar for dry spices, almonds, coffee beans etc. Please send me a link to buy it.


  • David Birkel

    The article makes it sound like the Fourside Jar is better at Dry Grinding than the Wildside Jar. Is this true?

    • The FourSide is great for dry grinding, but the WildSide jar works too. Because the WildSide jar is larger than the FourSide, you do have to add more of whatever you are grinding.

  • Kelly S.

    I just purchased a BlendTec and have the WildSide Jar. I see that a lot of the recipes on the BlendTec website call for specific jars to be used for certain recipes (e.g. the twister jar for banana softserve). Will it harm my blender if I just use the jar that I have?

    • You can use the WildSide jar for all of our recipes. There will be many where you might have to double the recipe and stop the blender to scrape the sides and start again. We call for specific jars, only because they will be a quicker job, but the WildSide jar will still work.

  • Nick W.

    I want to use this to blend hot ingredients such as roasted pears and celery root straight from the oven – will this melt the jar? What temperatures are the jars rated for? I believe I am using a FourSide or WildSide jar if it matters.

    • We do not advise putting anything that would be hot right out of the oven straight into the jar. It could cause heat combustion and blow the lid off. We recommend that you let the food cool down a bit before putting it in the Blendtec for blending. Also, if you use the “Soup” button, the product will heat back up to a safe temperature.

  • Sam

    We just purchased blendtec and used the wildside jar to make smoothies. I was wondering if the twister jar could be used to make smaller smoothies. It is round inside instead of square like the other jars. Will this work for smoothies or is it just for nut butters?

  • debi slattery

    My plastic jar is so stained and looks terrible on my counter. I wish they had a glass jar. It seems coconut oil leaves marks.

  • Denia

    I came online to look for a blend
    dec glass jar. My jar is quite stained and I prefer to use glass to avoid plastic toxins. Do you offer glass jars? I hope you will consider making them. Many people are switching to glass. I like my blendtec and wish to keep using it.

  • Rebecca

    Do your jars contain Bisphenol-S (BPS)? I have read that this chemical can be just as toxic as BPA and wanted to make sure your jars are free from all endocrine disrupters.

  • Greg

    I see you don’t currently have a glass jar… but please tell me that you will soon be offering one.
    I had no idea that the jar was plastic until I received it. I’m very disappointed as at that price point you’d certainly expect that.

    • Hi Greg,
      We do not offer/make a glass jar for two reasons:

      1. Safety is our top priority. Blendtec blenders are among the most powerful on the planet, and their jars have to handle high-speed impacts from very hard ingredients like frozen fruit. Glass jars have the potential to shatter not only when dropped, but also during high-speed blending. Blendtec’s Tritan copolyester jars are engineered to withstand that kind of stress.
      2. Lighter is better. Blendtec jars are very light and are molded for easy gripping and storage. Glass jars, on the other hand, are heavier and more difficult to grip, pour, and store.

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