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12 Proven Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Kali White
20 December, 2013

Even though we are in the midst of “the most wonderful time of the year,” for some it’s not so wonderful due to increased stress and the usual weight gain. Did you know studies show that the average American gains 1-2 lbs over the holiday season?  This can become permanent baggage and contribute to being

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Turkey Training – A Thanksgiving Workout

Kali White
27 November, 2013

Hi everyone! Hopefully you all have fun plans for the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend! Because most of us will be consuming a larger-than-normal meal this Thursday, I wanted to remind you to keep your weekend in balance.  Remember, the more we eat, the more important it is to increase our activity levels and exercise more to keep

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The Facts of Fitness: How, When, and What

Suzy Bills
15 November, 2013

Do you ever wonder whether you’re doing this whole exercise thing right? It’s understandable if you feel a bit confused, because the Internet is full of myths—and marketing ploys—about the how, what, and when of exercising. Today, let’s cut through the fluff and the sensational fads so we can get back to the fundamentals of