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10 Tips for Exercising in the Cold (and Some Alternatives)

Suzy Bills
07 October, 2013

I don’t know about you, but I get excited when the weather gets cold. It’s my favorite time to exercise outside—I’d rather run in 30° weather than in 80° weather. Maybe you’re the opposite and think that cold weather equates to running on the “dreadmill.” So, here are 10 tips on how to make outside

What to Do After an Endurance Workout Graphic

What to Do After an Endurance Workout

Suzy Bills
11 September, 2013

          Sources: “Effect of Rhythm on the Recovery from Intense Exercise” “Eating after Exercise—What to Eat after a Workout” “18 Proven Ways to Speed Recovery” “What to Do in the First Five Minutes after a Long Run” “Compression Socks”

How to Healthy New Year's Resolutions_green smoothies

How to Stick to Your Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

Kali White
02 January, 2013

New Year’s resolutions can be…well, discouraging. I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of falling short of our resolutions in one way or another. So how do we make this year different and stick to our health goals?  Here are 10 suggestions to help you stick to your 2013 resolutions! Make your goals specific. For example,