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IronCowboy runs 50 Triathlons in 50 Days

Iron Cowboy On Pace to Smash World Record


James Lawrence, aka the “Iron Cowboy” is on pace to smash his own world record and today, if successful, will do exactly that as he completes Ironman triathlon event number 31 on his quest to 50 in as many days!

So Who is the Iron Cowboy?

James Lawrence, is the current Guinness Book of World Records holder for most triathlons run in one year (30) and has now embarked on a physical feat that many would deem impossible, as he’s currently attempting 50 Ironman courses, in 50 days and in all 50 states!  In an attempt to raise $1 million dollars to raise awareness of childhood obesity he’s teamed up with the Jamie Oliver Foundation with 100% of donations going to this great foundation that “will provide direct financial support to schools that wish to incorporate practical food education on the curriculum.”

So who is the “Iron Cowboy”? Watch this video to hear more about his story and what he’s doing for health and for kids!

To help celebrate his record breaking performance today, Blendtec is proud to be helping James keep fueled for all 50 of these grueling Ironman feats and as such, he’s giving away a Blendtec blender to you! To enter, you can go to the Iron Cowboy Facebook page or Instagram account and simply follow the directions.


How you can help!

Check out the where the Iron Cowboy is right now and where he’ll be by clicking here! If you have the chance, you can also get a group together and register to run a 5K with him or  simply go see him and lend your support. You can also follow his progress from Day 1 as his team details the trials, the wrecks, and everything on his blog. To donate to this great cause, and help support James’ efforts to fight childhood obesity, click here.

Go Iron Cowboy!

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