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Blendtec Cycle conversions

Blendtec Cycle Conversions


What if my blender doesn’t have the Batters cycle? I don’t see a Whole Juice button on my Blendtec – what speed should I use? If you have found yourself asking these questions, you are not alone.

Our Fresh Blends Recipe Book and many of the recipes on our website were created specifically for the Total Blender Classic Series, which has 6 preprogrammed blend cycles, manual speed up & speed down controls, and a pulse button. Since then, many new Blendtec models have been created and they don’t all have the same options. However, they all have the same capabilities!

Blendtec cycle

Designer 725 Interface

We’re working on creating a prettier conversion chart, but for now, use these instructions to convert blend cycles:

Blend on a Medium speed for 40-50 seconds.

Blend on a Medium to Medium-Low speed for 30 seconds.

Blend on a Low speed for 15 seconds, then blend on a Medium to Medium-High speed for 30 seconds.

Blend on a Medium to Medium-High speed for 50-60 seconds.

Blend on a High speed for 90-180 seconds, blending longer for hotter soup.

Blend for 10-20 seconds, starting at a low speed and gradually increasing to a high speed, then decreasing again before stopping.

Blend on a Medium to Medium-Low speed for 30-40 seconds. Keep an eye on it as to not over- or under-blend.


*These cycles are meant to be guides. You may want to blend less or more depending on the consistency you’re looking for (and the ingredients you’re using).

Any questions? Ask us in the comments below. Happy blending!

(84) Comments on “Blendtec Cycle Conversions

      • Thanks Jay, we’re glad you are loving your blender. What model do you have? If you don’t have the Ice Crush button, the best way to blend a frozen cocktail is to blend on a Medium to Medium-Low speed for 30-40 seconds. Keep an eye on it as to not over- or under-blend.

  • Sean

    I have a Blendtec that only has Low, Medium and High options. What suggestion do you have for your conversions above which call for “Medium-Low” or “Medium-High” (i.e., speeds my 570 cannot achieve)?

  • ron

    i have a black “total Blendtec total blender i have speed up, speed down ice cream frozen yogurt, ice crush milkshake , soups sauces , sauces soups dressing whole juice and pulse and smoothie buttons
    how to i convert these


  • susan

    I just bought the 575 model and I don’t understand what the buttons are used for in the bottom row . the previous blender had specific buttons for juice, soup, sauce, etc. I need help in understanding the bottom buttons of the new blender I just bought.

  • Neelu

    i bought a blendtec express in India, through a company dealer. it only has number buttons , with no indication of “soup” ” smoothie, ice cream etc.. … it came with a CD in diff languages other than english.
    need help , on using the numbered buttons for specific functions..

  • Liz

    Thanks for this conversion, it is very helpful. I did not seem to get a manual or recipe book with my Classic 575. Is there some way I can get this?

  • Carol

    My user guide (Classic 575) says the manual speed cycles are 50 seconds long. So for example, to get the effect of a hot soup cycle, would I press the high speed button and then press it again after the cycle ends to get up to the required time of 90 to 180 seconds as your list describes?

    • Hi Carol,
      The Classic 575 has a 90-second preprogrammed cycle on it; I would recommend using that cycle for soups. If after one cycle it’s not hot enough, run that cycle one more time.

  • Kristi

    How can I find the uploadable usb settings to use on my “Express Pro” awesome blender on the website?

    • Hi Kristi,
      The USB port on the Expres Pro is for Blendtec’s use only. We use the USB port to program the blender, but it is locked for use outside of our warehouse. If you were to ever experience any issues with the Express Pro, we would use the USB port to reprogram the blender.

  • Tiffanh


    This may be a simple question, but I’m not exactly sure what you mean by blend on low, medium, etc. I only have preprogrammed buttons and the speed up, speed down button. I don’t have a batter button, so how do I make this conversion?

    • Jessica Andreasen Post author

      Good question – your blender starts at a low speed on speed 1 and goes up to a high speed of 9 (medium would be around speed 5). So, for the batters cycle, you would blend on Medium Low (speed 3 or 4) for 30 seconds. Happy blending!

  • Kate

    I was recently trying to make an Avocado Alfredo sauce in my Wildside blender, and even though I was adding a lot of water into the sauce, the contents still ended up being thrown to the sides of the container, mostly untouched by the blades. I found this to be a common problem with the blender – unless something is very watery, the blades do not get the mix after the initial spin, so the rest of the timed cycle is wasted. Is there another way around this problem?

    • Jessica Andreasen Post author

      If there are enough ingredients in the jar, it shouldn’t do that. Perhaps the amount of ingredients needs to be increased? Especially if it is being done in the WildSide+ jar, as it is our largest jar. If you’d like, give our customer service team a call at 1-800-748-5400 and they’d be happy to talk through it and see if they can figure out a solution that’s best for you!

      • Janice

        I too have this problem with the ingredients being splattered to the sides of the jar and not blended.
        I have the Bendtec Total with the Fourside jar bought primarily for blending nuts and it doesn’t appear to be very successful.
        Could you advise the best setting and quantities of nuts for getting a smooth paste?

        • There are times when thicker blends can get pushed to the side of the jar. When this happens, we recommend stopping, scraping the sides, and then continue blending. The Twister jar is really the best option for thick blends, especially nut butters.

  • Char

    Dear Sirs,
    I own the Kitchen Chap by K-Tec, Food Preparer Model c-4 # 34663. IT was in storage for several years. I went to use the french whip and the cookie whip and both shattered in the black gear mechanism. I am looking to replace both whips and can not find the replacement part on Amazon or on your website. Please advice where I can find the replacement parts as soon as you can.
    One of your fans,
    Char Hunt

  • Dianne

    Can you please tell me how the numbers work on the 725 with numbers up to 100 on the slider. What would be considered, low, medium, etc.

    Thank you.

    • Jessica Andreasen Post author

      Hi Dianne, think of the slider as a whole, anything towards the left side is low, in the middle is medium and towards the right is high. Hope that helps!

  • shahin

    I just bought 570 blendtec from Costco and i wanted to make Ice-cream and I tried the same thing in store was demonstrated I used Ice instead of frozen fruits,but it came out like smoothie which is like the regular blender you buy much less expensive,would you tell me what should i do to make the ice cream?

    • Hi Shahin,
      Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with making ice cream, hopefully we can help you out.
      Using ice instead of frozen fruit would not make that much of a difference. To better answer your question, I’d need to know the ratio of non-frozen:frozen in the recipe you are doing. In theory, it should have made ice cream if the ratio was correct; otherwise a smoothie is a common result.

    • John


      I am a product demonstrator for Blendtec and i feel your pain. I struggle every once in a while too as my ice gets real wet after a few hours of opening and closing the cooler. I get good results with this.
      5 oz half and half or your choice dairy
      1/2 oz of vanilla
      1 oz or 1.5 oz agave or sweetner
      handfull of spinach
      1 scoop of protein powder or non fat dry milk
      handfull of chocolate chips
      1/2 banana
      3-4 cups of ice depending on hardness or size.
      Play with the ice starting with 3 cups, if too much then splash in a spot of half and half. If too little then add ice at the final end of blend

      I run mine on the 50 second smoothie button since I demonstrate the 570..It takes a little practice to get consistent results. if at the end of the cycle you taste a few ice slivers then pulse it for about 10-12 seconds but dont go overboard or you will have spinach soup.
      Hope this helps

  • Carol

    Hi, I have the Blendtec 570 that i purchased at Costco a year ago and am very happy with it until I started making my own mayonnaise. I have used every setting, but the unit won’t stay on long enough to stream the oil into the other ingredients. I tried the pulse button but it’s difficult to pour steadily and hold the pulse button. The last batch didn’t emulsify at all! Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • Joyce

    Hi, I just bought The Home Blender with 1 to 4 buttons and 25 pre programmed cycles but I’m not too sure how does this compare to the Total Blender Classic 6 pre programmed cycles? Thanks

    • The Home Blender will give you more of a selection and you can set the 4 buttons to whichever of the 25 cycles that you would like. The Total Blender has no programming ability, only the 6 cycles that are already set on each button.

  • Stephanie Young

    Hi. As far as I can tell, I have a refurbished Express 5.8, although not all the pictures on the readout are the same. Is the picture of a citrus slice the same as the whole juice picture? Thanks.

  • Schalani

    I just got my Blendtec yesterday and found some non Blendtec receipes one calls for 8 stalks of celery 2 apples and some cinnamon. Should I add water and what speed should I use and how do I make a determination of speeds, water etc. when the receipes are non Blendtec? Ima newbie. Thank you in advance.

    • Hello,
      Because this is not a Blendtec recipe, it’s hard to say for sure what the best approach is, as we’ve never tested it. I recommend having at least 8 oz of water and using the Whole Juice cycle.

  • Sami

    Hi, I just bought a Blendtec Total Blender. Tried it once and switched it off as I am too new with it. Tried a soup. Put in Patoatoe, Some leaves, tomato and carrot and some luke warm water. Hit the Soup button and I saw 180 seconds. I have seen many youtube videos and the soup button shows 90 seconds. I let it run for 90 seconds and stitched it off. Tried the soup and it wasn’t cooked, although it was warm. My question is why does MY machine show 180 seconds and all on youtube show 90seconds and should I have allowed it to complete the 180 seconds to get properly cooked soup? Thanks. Sami

    • Hi Sami,
      I would first like to clarify that the Soup cycle does not cook your soup, but does warm/heat it up due to the speed of the blades. Over the years, we have found that many people run the Soup cycle twice in order to get an even hotter soup, so with our new Total Blender model (which in currently in Costco) we made the change to have the Soup cycle now just run for 180 seconds.

  • Julie

    I just bought my Blendtec total blender w/ the wild side + jar. I am having trouble getting anything to a consistency other then a liquid. Even following the smoothie instructions. Please advise. Thank you

  • Tony Ahmati

    Nice Sharing! Thanks for this helpful information I agree with all points you have given to us. I will follow all of them.

  • Gary

    What am I missing here. You have seven setting instructions to convert blend cycles, and only six icons. The order of the instructions don’t seem to match the order of the icons. WHOLE JUICE instruction is third but the icon is fourth, ICE CREAM/FROZEN YOGURT instruction is fifth but the icon is third. It’d be more useful to me if the instructions and icons were in the same order. Maybe I need more coffee, maybe I’m not fully awake yet.

    • Hi Gary,
      We reordered the cycles on this post to go with the image. The reason there are 7 cycles that we talk about, is because our blenders have different preprogrammed cycles. Some only have a Smoothie cycle, while others (like the 725) have Whole Juice, Smoothie, Dips, Soups, Clean and Ice Cream. We have a few models that even have an Ice Crush cycle. We wanted this conversion guide to be all inclusive, we just showed the interface for the Designer 725 to give our customers an idea of what our interfaces may look like.

  • Reba

    I just purchased a Blendtec 575 blender. Can you please suggest good ice cream recipes using this model? Thank you.

  • Diane

    The reason I gave away our VitaMix and bought our Blendtec was because it was so easy: icons on the control panel that counted down the seconds and proper speeds all by themselves. I didn’t have to do anything but put ingredients in and enjoy the end product. Being user-friendly was a HUGE selling point. Can’t imagine anyone not wanting that ease of use and based on the need for a conversion chart I think it’s pretty clear Blendtec should add it back to every model.

  • Michelle

    I didn’t receive any books with my blender an have sent several email no response called the store was told to contact you but nothing. Not happy with my blender lots of money wasted

  • Nathalie

    I have a 575. Would like to know what the water drop button is for. There is no picture with explanation. Thanks

  • Tanya

    I’ve just purchased the 570 from Costco that does not come with the Twister jar. I see that most of your recipes use the Twister jar. Other than the scraping of the sides that you might have to do, are there any modifications to the ingredients?

  • Anita Rosenberger

    I bought a Blendtec Total blender and loved it. My parents did too so I gave it to them. I just bought another one and had to do a fair amount of searching to find the Total Blender (new.) I don’t see a sauce button, in fact, no text, all pictures. What button should I use for sauce? And what numbers correlate to low, medium, high etc. I am not happy that this Total Blender is not the same as the one I gave away, I relied on the presets heavily and this one doesn’t even have one for sauce as far as I can tell.

  • Darlene

    Do you have a video that shows how to use your blender? If so can you please send me a link for that video?
    Thank you,
    Darlene Gregory

  • Stacee

    I just purchased the Blendtec Total Blender Classic 2016 from Costco.
    I cannot figure out the + and – buttons. (speed up/down). When I press the Up button I get speed changes on the LCD display and it automatically speeds up and down. I have not found any instructions ANYWHERE on your website that walk me thru what the + and – is actually doing. Please explain. Everything else is fine. Stacee

  • John

    I just purchased a Blendtec Designer 625.
    Can you please clear something up for me? Unlike the Blendtec Total blender or dare I say the Vitamix which both have a 1-10 speed feature,
    how does that apply o the 625 which states it’s speed goes from 1-6?
    Does this mean that the cheaper model (Total) goes all the way to 10 but this newer one only goes to 6?

    • Jessica Andreasen Post author

      The Designer 625 features a slider with 6 incremental speeds, however, they go just as low and as high as the other models (such as the Total blender), there are just fewer speed increments. Hope that helps!

  • Rob


    Occasionally I can’t put the wildside top onto the blender spindle…I have to either rotate the blades from the top or the spindle on the motor…sometimes several times…never had this kind of issue and have had commercial blenders before…is this supposed to happen?

    • Jessica Andreasen Post author

      Hi Rob, we do recommend spinning the drive shaft on the bottom of the jar before loading your jar/placing the jar on the base. Sometimes it’s just a little bit off but that should do the trick! It’s also recommended because it helps keep the seal in good shape and prolongs the life of the jar. Hope that helps!

  • Sandy

    I have had a Blendtec for many years and use it almost every morning making smoothies. Is there any thought to making a “tamper” to get a thicker mix going? I have run more than a few utensils into the blade! I was thinking of buying a Vitamix just for that reason…Does anyone have solution??


  • Diane Boomhour

    I purchased a Blender from COSTCO Canada, last year Medel ES#… TTBB # 61395
    While making smoothie I mistakenly left a spoon in the the unit, and it dropped out of shape. Now the blender goes wild ,when on Smoothie mode ; and I have to shut it off. Do I have to buy a new one OR could you please help me. This is a magnificent piece ot material.
    P.S. I mean it spins over its limit. HELP _

    • Jessica Andreasen Post author

      Please give our customer service team a call at 1-800-748-5400 and they’ll help you out!

  • Milan

    We purchased 570 from Costco. We tried to make ice cream but end up making shake!! I saw couple of videos on you tube but there got be some trick in making creamy ice cream. I believe the secrets is frozen fruits. Some videos does not show to put ice cubes at all! Please clarify. Thx.

  • Connie

    Hello. I am a new user and so far so good! I do wonder about which fruit cores I can use. This morning I put 1/2 of a peach in and wondered about the stone. I know avocado seeds are good for you as the store demonstrator used a half of one. What about plum stones?
    Thanks for answering my questions..

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