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benefits of almond milk

Benefits of Almond Milk


When I think of milk, the first type that comes to mind is cow’s milk. I enjoy drinking it quite often, and it provides several health benefits. But some people avoid cow’s milk because they are lactose intolerant, are allergic to dairy, or don’t like the taste of cow’s milk. Luckily, there are other great milks to enjoy: soy, coconut, cashew, hemp, and my favorite…almond.

Almond Milk blender recipe

Almond milk has many benefits. One serving provides 1/3 of the daily recommended dose of vitamin E. This nut milk also contains vitamin A, which improves eye functioning and helps your skin look great, as well as vitamin D, which helps build cells. And don’t forget about magnesium and potassium, other important nutrients almond milk has to offer.

Another great thing about almond milk is that it’s quick and easy to make. To see what I mean, try this almond milk recipe in your Blendtec blender. The results are delicious on their own, but almond milk isn’t just for drinking—you can use it in many dishes. For example, check out these 5 great recipes that include almond milk. I really like the popovers with homemade strawberry jam or apricot jam.

In the comments below, share with us what your favorite uses for almond milk are.

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