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About Nathan Hirst

I am the Marketing Manager here at Blendtec. I love working for a company that has a product that improves the lives of its users. I also get the opportunity to participate the development of world’s most sophisticated blending technology, which is pretty cool.

My family and I love spending time outdoors. We do a lot of biking, running, boating, camping, snowshoeing, and other outdoor activities.

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Sugar Content of Green Smoothies

Sugar Content of Green Smoothies

Nathan Hirst
11 December, 2013

Many people who start to drink green smoothies feel more energy and see excess weight begin to come off, but  others don’t experience the same results.  If you are not seeing your desired results, you might be consuming too much sugar from fruits.  Fruit is great in green smoothies because it helps you to get

Green Juice Recipe

Traditional Juicing vs. Whole Juicing

Nathan Hirst
11 October, 2013

One of the most common questions we receive from people is “Can a Blendtec blender make juice?” Our blenders can definitely make juice, but it’s not the same as you will get from a traditional juicer. We call the juice from our blenders whole juice, and it actually contains more nutrients than what comes from

Blender Soup Recipes for Fall

5 Blender Soup Recipes for Fall

Nathan Hirst
23 September, 2013

With fall on its way, I thought it would be helpful to post our five most popular blender soup recipes. So without further ado: 1. Broccoli-Cheddar Blender Soup                     2. Butternut Squash Blender Soup                     3. Hearty