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As Blendtec's customer service supervisor, my job is to make sure that each and every customer who calls us comes away satisfied. I've been in different departments here at Blendtec for 18 years, and customer service has always been my favorite. And as for the company, Blendtec is a great place to work.

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Blending 101: How to Load a Jar

Mary Butler
29 October, 2012

One of the awesome things about a Blendtec blender is that you don’t need a messy plunger to force ingredients into the blade. It helps to load your jar in a way that produces the best blend. Here are some helpful tips for doing that. Place your softer, high-moisture foods in the blender jar first

cycle counter

The Purpose of the Cycle Counter

Mary Butler
15 October, 2012

When Blendtec first went into the blender business, we only made commercial blenders. At that time, the warranty for our commercial machines was for either the number of years after purchase or the total number of blend cycles, whichever came first—similar to a car warranty that covers either so many years or so many miles,


Blendtec’s Three Payment Plan Explained

Mary Butler
07 September, 2012

Hi! I’m Mary Butler, and I’m the customer service manager here at Blendtec. We receive a lot of questions about our Three Payment Plan. It’s pretty simple, and it’s a great way to purchase your high-powered blender while spreading the payments out over three months. Any purchase totaling over $350 is eligible for the plan.