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Blendfresh purple fruit and vegetable Fusion
Blendfresh purple fruit and vegetable Fusion
Blendfresh purple fruit and vegetable Fusion

Blendfresh Purple Fruit & Vegetable Fusion


Blendfresh Purple Fusion is a mix of 13 diverse purple fruits and vegetables. Ingredients include organic beet juice, purple carrot, organic grape, organic acai, organic blueberry, blackberry, purple cabbage, organic acerola, plum, black currant, black raspberry, eggplant, passionfruit.  

Each tablespoon of Purple fusion powder provides 2,000 phytonutrients. Simply Shake, Stir and Blend these distinctive superfood purple colors into every meal, each day, and enrich your diet while revitalizing your health with Blendfresh!  Gluten Free. Vegan. Non-GMO.


About Blendfresh

Blendtec introduces Blendfresh, a line of whole food powders to use in your Blendtec. Blendtec founder, Tom Dickson created this whole food lineup for customers to add nutrient-dense powder into every recipe!  

Everything from glowing skin, to strong bonescell and tissue healthhealthy weight, a good hearthealthy gut and healthy aging is supported by phytonutrients.

1 tablespoon of any Blendfresh Fusion Color adds 2,000 phytonutrients and 1 serving of fruits and vegetables.  It’s so easy to blend additional superfood micronutrients into every recipe with Blendfresh!