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For years, Blendtec customers voiced the need for healthy products specifically made for Blendtec blenders. Company founder Tom Dickson decided to put his innovative engineering mind to work. After years of research and development, the Blendfresh line of superfood products was born.




• Healthy immune system

• Strong bones & muscles

• Lower inflammation & cholesterol




• Strong cells, tissues, & organs

• Healthy prostate, & urinary tract

• Healthy immune system




• Strong immune system

• Reduced stress

• Healthy heart & aging




• Healthy bladder & heart

• Boosted immune system

• Strong cells


Blendfresh products add a boost of life-changing healthy nutrients to whatever you make with your Blendtec—smoothies, soups, sauces, drinks, and more! The best part? All fiber, color, flavor, and micronutrients are intact.


For all Blendfresh products, whole fruits and vegetables are dried at low temperatures using the the proprietary drying process. Because of this, fruits and vegetables retain 100% of their nutrition, including fiber, color, flavor, micronutrients, and antioxidants.

Spoonful of Blendfresh

1 tbsp = 2,000 phytonutrients and 1 full serving of fruits & vegetables

Each Blendfresh Fusion Whole Food Powder contains 55 different fruits and vegetables in each serving. When was the last time you ate 55 fruits and vegetables in one day?

Benefits of Blendfresh


“I started taking Blendfresh when I was 262 pounds. I have lost 44.4 pounds, 20% of my body fat, 15 inches off my waistline in less time that I would have ever believed! I am now back in the gym and working out as part of my transformation!”


“My son is a fussy eater! He eats so little, we worry about getting the nutrients he needs. WIth Blendfresh I add additional micronutrients to his favorite meal—PB&J! We stir Orange Fusion into peanut butter and Red Fusion into jam. Now we add Blendfresh into his smoothies and he loves them! Blendfresh is an easy way to help my kids eat healthier.”


“Once I started using Blendfresh daily, I noticed a dramatic change in my clothes, skin, nails, and energy. Combining Blendfresh with Zumba has changed my eating habits and changed my life—all for the better!”