9 Favorite Buffalo Wild Wings Recipes

Buffalo Wild Wings Copycat Recipes

What’s better than greasy meat smothered in a delicious sauce? After all, there’s a reason that restaurants such as Buffalo Wild Wings rake in the business. Of course, if you find yourself besieged by a craving for chicken wings and spicy garlic dip, you're probably going to have to shell out some cash and brave some crowds in order to find satisfaction.

On the other hand, you could save money and hassle by making your own wings at home. And what about those one-of-a-kind Buffalo Wild Wings sauces? Well, we’ve got you covered there as well.

Take a look at this handy infographic packed with instructions on cooking boneless wings and whipping up your favorite buffalo sauces so you can enjoy your favorite Buffalo Wild Wings recipes without having to go to the restaurant.

Buffalo Wild Wings Recipes

buffalo wild wings copycat recipes
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  • Odyssey

    Does anyone have the recipe for BWW’s buffalo dry rub seasoning?

  • Lora

    Anyone know the recipe for the mandarin kick wings that were limited time only? These were my favorite ever and I can not find them any store near us. Or if I can purchase this sauce?

  • Lindsey

    You can buy that sauce at their store.

  • Kelli

    Cory – do you know how to make the wings using the dry rub? Our favorite was the buffalo dry rub but my attempts result in wings with a loose powder on them.

  • Sue

    I just had a cup of chili at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was awesome. Does anyone know the recipe?

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