Blending 101: Tips on Making Ice Cream

Blendtec tips on making ice cream
Hello from all of us in Blendtec's Customer Service Department! We receive calls every day from our wonderful customers, some of whom ask how to get the most out of their high-powered blenders. Generally, we refer them to the gorgeous Fresh Blends cookbook (included with every blender purchase). But today we're going to give you a recipe and some tips that we use with our own Blendtec blenders. This January has been quite cold for many parts of the United States, and lots of folks are thinking about soup and hot chocolate to keep warm. Still, we sometimes crave sweet and creamy ice cream. One recipe we all really like is Blueberry Ice Cream. This recipe is not for the calorie counter, but this delicate and delicious dessert is worth the splurge. And, with only three ingredients, it's simple to make! making ice cream
  • 1¼ c half-and-half
  • 3 tbsp granulated sugar
  • 12 oz frozen blueberries (approx. 2½ cups)
Add ingredients to FourSide jar in order listed and secure lid. Select "Ice Cream," and then enjoy! Here are some tips and variations for making this ice cream:
  • For an extra smooth consistency, run the blender on Speed 2 for 20 seconds and then run on Speed 10 for an entire 50-second cycle.
  • If you like fruit chunks in your ice cream, follow the recipe instructions but add only half of the blueberries to the jar. Halfway through the cycle, add the remaining blueberries by removing the clear insert in the jar lid.
  • Use a little less than 1 cup of milk—usually almond or skim—and then add a scoop of vanilla protein powder. Top with a little ice.
  • Depending on the season and your tastes, the blueberries may not provide enough sweetness, so you may want to add another sweetener.
We love getting new tips and tricks from customers who have put their blenders through the paces. Do you have any ice cream tips? Let us know in the comments section below. Or, sound off on Facebook!


  • Kelli Farley

    Yes you can. Just half the recipe and it should work. Enjoy!

  • Kelli Farley

    It is best to add milk or half and half, it helps to give it the thickness that ice cream has. If you’re looking to make a lactose free one, give this recipe a try:

  • heather

    I also have a classic 570 and have had no luck with icecream. I put in more ice and had it 15 sec low then 50 sec high . Still all I got was a smoothie. Do you need to put milk or half and half. I am trying to make my icecream lactose free. Please help so far I am not having any luck with my blendtec.

  • Kelli Farley

    Ice cream may be made in the Twister, FourSide or WildSide+ jars. We recommend selecting recipes that are tailored to specific jars to achieve the best result.

  • Kelli Farley

    We do not have a basic vanilla ice cream recipe, but that’s a great idea. You can adjust our Popeye’s Ice Cream recipe:
    3/4 cup half and half
    1/4 cup agave nectar
    1/2 banana
    2/3 cup nonfat dry milk
    2 cups spinach, lightly packed
    1½ tbsp vanilla extract
    2½ cups ice cubes

    For a vanilla version, remove the spinach, and add another ½ cup ice cubes.

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