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Blending 101: Tips on Making Ice Cream

Posted by Adam Wallin on

Blendtec tips on making ice cream
Hello from all of us in Blendtec's Customer Service Department! We receive calls every day from our wonderful customers, some of whom ask how to get the most out of their high-powered blenders. Generally, we refer them to the gorgeous Fresh Blends cookbook (included with every blender purchase). But today we're going to give you a recipe and some tips that we use with our own Blendtec blenders. This January has been quite cold for many parts of the United States, and lots of folks are thinking about soup and hot chocolate to keep warm. Still, we sometimes crave sweet and creamy ice cream. One recipe we all really like is Blueberry Ice Cream. This recipe is not for the calorie counter, but this delicate and delicious dessert is worth the splurge. And, with only three ingredients, it's simple to make! making ice cream
  • 1¼ c half-and-half
  • 3 tbsp granulated sugar
  • 12 oz frozen blueberries (approx. 2½ cups)
Add ingredients to FourSide jar in order listed and secure lid. Select "Ice Cream," and then enjoy! Here are some tips and variations for making this ice cream:
  • For an extra smooth consistency, run the blender on Speed 2 for 20 seconds and then run on Speed 10 for an entire 50-second cycle.
  • If you like fruit chunks in your ice cream, follow the recipe instructions but add only half of the blueberries to the jar. Halfway through the cycle, add the remaining blueberries by removing the clear insert in the jar lid.
  • Use a little less than 1 cup of milk—usually almond or skim—and then add a scoop of vanilla protein powder. Top with a little ice.
  • Depending on the season and your tastes, the blueberries may not provide enough sweetness, so you may want to add another sweetener.
We love getting new tips and tricks from customers who have put their blenders through the paces. Do you have any ice cream tips? Let us know in the comments section below. Or, sound off on Facebook!

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  • You sure can. Blend on a Low speed for 15 seconds, then blend on a Medium to Medium-High speed for 30 seconds. For more information, check out our Conversion Guide.

    Kelli Farley on

  • I don’t have an ice cream setting on my classic 570. Will my device still make ice cream?

    Paul on

  • Can I make the lemon ice cream recipe on your website in my twister jar?

    Lucy on

  • Hi Sam,
    Nut and soy milks can be substituted for any ice cream recipe. We also have sorbet recipes that are naturally milk free that taste great. Frozen treats are made best in the FourSide and Twister jars because the produce a thicker product.

    Check out these recipes:
    Apricot Sherbet
    Banana Soft Serve
    Dole Whip Copycat (use all almond milk instead of coconut milk)
    Mango Pineapple Sorbet
    Spinach Ice Cream (Use veggie protein instead of whey protein)

    Happy Blending!

    Kelli Farley on

  • I am dairy free and coconut free but love ice cream. one of the main reasons I bought a blendtec so i could make ice creams and stuff that I can’t easily but in the shops. I can’t find a recipe for dairy free ice cream I can eat that works. I have a twister jar and four sided jar. Can you help?

    Sam on

  • Yes you can. Just half the recipe and it should work. Enjoy!

    Kelli Farley on

  • It is best to add milk or half and half, it helps to give it the thickness that ice cream has. If you’re looking to make a lactose free one, give this recipe a try: http://www.blendtec.com/recipes/dairy-free-strawberry-ice-cream

    Kelli Farley on

  • I also have a classic 570 and have had no luck with icecream. I put in more ice and had it 15 sec low then 50 sec high . Still all I got was a smoothie. Do you need to put milk or half and half. I am trying to make my icecream lactose free. Please help so far I am not having any luck with my blendtec.

    heather on

  • Ice cream may be made in the Twister, FourSide or WildSide+ jars. We recommend selecting recipes that are tailored to specific jars to achieve the best result.

    Kelli Farley on

  • We do not have a basic vanilla ice cream recipe, but that’s a great idea. You can adjust our Popeye’s Ice Cream recipe:
    3/4 cup half and half
    1/4 cup agave nectar
    1/2 banana
    2/3 cup nonfat dry milk
    2 cups spinach, lightly packed
    1½ tbsp vanilla extract
    2½ cups ice cubes

    For a vanilla version, remove the spinach, and add another ½ cup ice cubes.

    Kelli Farley on

  • Hi Matt,
    When making ice cream, try blending on low for 15 seconds, then blend on high for 50 seconds.

    Kelli Farley on

  • Do have a basic vanilla ice cream recipe?

    jmason on

  • So my blender doesn’t have an icecream button. I have the classic 570.
    I keep getting ice cream that doesn’t get very thick and it’s got tons of really small ice chunks so it doesn’t get very smooth.

    Matt on

  • If you make ice cream is should be done in the twister jar, correct? I have the Wild side jar only. Can I make recipes that are for the Fourside jar without adding 20% more of everything? I hope so, because I want trying to make these quickly.

    I’m a newbie. Just got my Blendtec Total Blender on November 25th. So far I haven’t been very successful with the recipes I’ve tried.

    jmason on

  • Hi Twila,
    It sounds like what you are experiencing is cavitation. Which means there is too much cold and not enough liquid. The blender needs to have liquid in order to pull the ingredients down to the blade. You can still have a thick ice-cream with some liquid. Give this ice cream recipe a try. Be sure to follow the ingredients/instructions exactly. If you are still having problems, let us know.

    Kelli Farley on

  • It sounds like what you are experiencing is cavitation. Which means there is too much cold and not enough liquid. The blender needs to have liquid in order to pull the ingredients down to the blade. You can still have a thick ice-cream with some liquid. Do you have our Twister jar? With this jar you have the ability to blend without as much liquid. Give this ice cream recipe a try. Be sure to follow the ingrdients/instructions exactly. If you are still having problems, let us know.

    Kelli Farley on

  • Hi Marcio,
    To make ice cream in your Q-Series, try button number 5.

    Kelli Farley on

  • I tried various recipes for icecream; my Blendtec froze up…had to turn it off cause I did not want to burn out machine . Had to run several times and then just became thinner. It would not spin with the ice in there; so I pressed the ice crusher button. Frustrated! Feel like I wasted my ingredients. :(

    Twila on

  • I purchased the blendtec not too long ago, I’m really happy with how it works making smoothies, but I’m not so happy with the ice cream. I used the ice cream button but I can see the blendtec getting stock and struggling when there is minimal liquid, example – 1 frozen banana 1 cup of frozen pineapple and an orange. I press twice the ice cream button but still I wasn’t happy with the result.

    Avanti Morocha on

  • Hello, I just bought the Blendtec Q-series and it doesn’t come with the Ice Cream bottom, can you tell me what is the equivalent for ice creams on Q-series?
    Thank you

    Marcio on

  • LOVE my blender. Purchased it yesterday and have been experimenting. Have owned a VitaMix but the Blendtec is far superior in quality in my opinion.
    Just made a batch of my version of chocolate peanut butter…

    Roasted peanuts ( approx. 1 1/2 c. )
    2 tlsp. of organic cocoa powder ( Camino )
    2 tsp. of cinnamon
    3 tblsp. Honey
    1/4 c. Melted coconut butter ( approx.)

    Mixing worked best on the batter cycle. Mix until creamy scraping side a couple of times.
    DELICIOUS! In my opinion ( and my husband’s )

    Could you please clarify what you mean by adding 20% more ingredients for the Wildside blender?
    What is the reason for this? I am a newbie.

    Also made ice cream today…my version

    1 1/2 c ( plus 2 tblsp ) half and half cream
    Approx. 8 pieces of dark chocolate
    3 tblsp. Sugar
    2 1/2 c strawberries

    Not as firm as we like but will try your tips above.

    Gabriela on

  • You sure can. Let us know how it turns out and what flavors you create!

    Kelli Farley on

  • I would like to make a basic vanilla ice cream – dense and very creamy – but I don’t particularly like the eagle brand recipe. Afterwards, if I want fruit flavours or chocolate, can I just add what I want?
    Thanks, me

    mary e. james on

  • Hi James, thank you for your comments on our blog. Half and half is a type of cream. You will find it in the dairy section next to the whipping cream. It is named half and half because it does not contain all the fat that whipping cream contains.

    Kelli Farley on

  • What is half-and-half? Half of what?

    Jammy on

  • Hi Larkin,
    You may need more ice. For firm ice cream use the ration 2 parts frozen to 1 part not frozen.

    I hope this helps.

    Kelli Farley on

  • Tried putting a whole peach, nectarine, frozen blueberries and some maple syrup. Aft using 4 cubes of ice, runny, added 4 more cubes, smooth but not firm. Using "Icecream " button on an older model. Why not stiffer?

    Larkin on

  • thank you

    Can I make lemon icecream with just sugar halfand half and lemom juice and rind. I have the side by side and will use 20% more if I need to. on

  • I had lemon icecream at my friend’s house and these are the only ingreients that she used. She has a real icecream maker, but I am hoping I can get results with the Blendec. Thank You, Julie

    Can I make lemon icecream with just sugar halfand half and lemom juice and rind. I have the side by side and will use 20% more if I need to. on

  • That sounds delicious Sean.

    Kelli Farley on

  • Try frozen mango chunks instead of blueberries…amazing, and creamy!!!

    sean on

  • In order to make ice cream you’d have to add ice to make it thick. I’ve never tried it this way before though, let us know how it goes.

    Kelli Farley on

  • Hi Shiral, I am sorry you are having trouble with ice cream. I am assuming you are using the recipe in the blog for blueberry ice cream. The thickening agent in ice cream is frozen ingredients (blueberries in this recipe) or ice. So if you are not getting thick results add more frozen blueberries or add a little ice. You should be able to get the results with one blend cycle. Hitting the button more than once could give you a runnier consistency. I hope this helps.

    Mary Butler on

  • You can do any of the recipes in the book that call for the Four Side jar by adding 20% more ingredients (make sure the blade is covered) into the WildSide jar.

    Mary Butler on

  • I just made this, now I am back. It its blueberry milk. I have not been able to make any ice cream with this machine no matter what recipe I try.

    shiral boone on

  • I have the blender, but only the wild side jar, will this recipe work in the wild side jar? I don’t have the 4 side jar.. gonna have to get one though because most of the recipes are for the 4 side jar.. driving me nuts here.. LOL

    shiral boone on

  • For the extra smooth consistency recommendation, is that before selecting “ice cream” or is it after, or is it in place of?

    David shipman on

  • Hi David,

    It’s in place of, because our customer service rep who wrote that does not have an ice cream button on her older machine.

    Kelli Farley on

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