Innovation on the Inside: Working at Blendtec

innovation on the inside: Working at Blendtec
You've probably seen the Will It Blend? videos, in which Tom Dickson, Blendtec’s founder and CEO, demolishes all sorts of items. As he dumps the rubble onto the countertop, he often warns, “Don’t breathe this!” Based on the videos, you may wonder what it's like to be an employee at Blendtec, headquartered in Orem, UT. Having Tom and the Will It Blend? studio on-site certainly lend a sense of creativity to Blendtec’s workplace. Tom's energy and innovation are contagious and can be seen throughout the company. Tom and other company leaders encourage employees to be innovative and improve our products and work processes. It's common to see our company's leaders turn their attention to an employee who starts a conversation with “I have an idea…” Employees can also write down their ideas and put them in the suggestion box. Blendtec's president reviews each suggestion, and many of the ideas have been implemented with great results. This atmosphere of creativity, along with the other incredible benefits offered to employees, fosters a sense of belonging and a desire to keep trailblazing in blender technology. It’s a winning combination for Blendtec's customers and employees!

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