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How to Make a Milkshake + 4 Milkshake Recipes

Posted by Blendtec on

Do you love restaurant milkshakes? They're full of flavor and are so thick and creamy. Well, now you can make a restaurant quality milkshake in your own home. With our quick and easy steps, you will learn how to make a milkshake. So get out the blender and experiment with these four milkshake recipes, or create your own. Enjoy! Share with us in the comments below what your favorite milkshake is.

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Milkshake recipes

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  • this is the best milkshake ever!
    lol but the clumps are the weird ones

    yeet master on

  • Good Recipe

    Kuben on

  • Depends on how much milk you put in it.

    James on

  • Is this a thick milkshake

    lou lou on

  • getting my stealth today 5/24/17 for my snack bar. My question is I bought this for making milkshake from my hand dip freezer what setting will I use and do you know the perfect temp on ice cream for milkshakes.

    kurt on

  • Very Nice indeed.
    ill be eating these when I’m GAMING

    Aden McLaughlin on

  • Hi Samantha,
    You can use milk and cream, here’s another great milkshake that uses half & half and milk cubes: http://www.blendtec.com/recipes/candy-bar-milkshake. If you are using chocolate syrup to make a chocolate shake, I recommend using vanilla ice cream. You can use any brand of chocolate syrup.

    Kelli Farley on

  • The consistency will change and it will not be as solid. You can freeze it in the freezer, if you choose.

    Kelli Farley on

  • Can you put milk & cream in shake to make more creamier or add whip cream when blending? what’s the best ice cream to use for chocolate shake? what is the best brand of syrup or is Hershey’s the only one?

    samantha on

  • Oh yeah…..

    John on

  • What happens if you make it with a different kind of milk, also can you save this in the freezer/fridge

    Emily on

  • great recipe

    shea on

  • Great recipe with lush results,

    jess on

  • There are 8 oz in 1 cup.

    Kelli Farley on

  • I live in the uk how many fluid ounces are there in a cup

    Tim on

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