Blendtec's Commercial Dispensing Platforms

Blendtec Commercial Dispensing Platforms

Back in March, I introduced you to our fabulous line of commercial countertop blenders. We also have a great line of commercial dispensing platforms, which I'd like to tell you about today.


Self-Serve Smoothie

Blendtec's Self Serve Smoothie Machine

Our Self-Serve Smoothie machine is the perfect solution for convenience stores looking for a healthy offering. With a touch of a button, a customer can create a perfectly blended smoothie in just seconds. The Self-Serve Smoothie machine not only produces the best blended drinks, it also cleans and sanitizes itself and has a powerful, 15-amp, direct drive blender motor; an easy-to-use flavor selector; an ice machine that makes up to 400 pounds of ice in 24 hours; and a fully enclosed blended beverage system.


The BI is one of our most versatile dispensing platforms. It combines an ice dispenser, a water dispenser, and a direct-drive blender motor. Just add product, and with a touch of a button the BI will create a perfect drink—every time. Other impressive features of the BI include a powerful, 15-amp, direct-drive motor (1800 watts); easy-to-use cycle selection; a fully enclosed and simple-to-clean blending station; a 25-pound insulated ice hopper; 64 drink recipes; and options for multiple sizes of drinks. Clearly, you can't go wrong with the BI!



Blendtec's Commercial BI Dispenser

The BDI is our all-in-one dispensing platform—it brings everything to the table! The BDI delivers everything you need for a complete blended drink program: a blender, product dispenser, water dispenser, and ice dispenser. With the dispenser's advanced features and programming, the BDI can create up to 64 different flavor combinations in multiple sizes. And, because the BDI is teeming with power, it can blend two frozen drinks in less than a minute!


The BD8 is a blender plus a water and product dispenser, combining water and up to 8 products—from thick purees to alcohol. The BD8 comes with a fully enclosed blending station, a blue LCD display, and easy-to-use cycle selection. With 64 flavor combinations possible, the BD8 is a great way to expand your drink menu offerings. And because the BD8 is so easy to operate—just add ice to the blending jar and select the desired program—you have the assurance that you'll achieve a perfect mix and consistency with every drink.



Blendtec's Commercial D8 Drink Dispenser

The D8 delivers exact amounts of product directly into a blending jar or other container. In addition to its precision, the D8 dispenses quickly—up to eight shelf-stable, bag-in-the-box products at one time, for a total of 64 possible combinations. The touch pad ensures easy, one-touch operation, and the USB port simplifies the process of making programming changes and updating recipes. Further, custom graphics can be added to personalize the D8 for your establishment. If you would like additional information about our dispensing line, please visit


  • Janet Chavez


    Por Favor llamar para ver donde la puedo comprar.

  • tomas misas

    hola quiero comprar una maquina de estas blendtec bd8 como la adquiero thanks

  • Kelli Farley

    Hi Lisa,
    You will need to contact a commercial dealer here: They will be able to help get you set up with the right equipment, and possibly even have you come to their showroom for a demo.

  • Lisa

    I am interested in the Self Serve Blendtec. I have a dance/fitness studio for children and adults. I already have a healthy vending machine. A smoothie machine would be the perfect addition for our clients. Lisa

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