8 BBQ Sauce Recipes and Marinades

8 BBQ sauce recipes and marinades

Those who understand the true power of the grill know that getting the right meat is only one component in a much larger equation. The heat of the grilling surface, the time spent cooking, the use of rubs or tenderizers, even the weather may all play a part in determining your grilling results. The art of grilling is really the art of balancing a number of different factors, and one of the most important of those factors is sauce.

Now, ask yourself, do you really want to trust your grilling success to a sauce or marinade that you purchased at the grocery store? Do things the right way, by making your own sauce at home. It’s easy to do, inexpensive, and delicious enough to make you wonder why you ever thought BBQ sauce was something that should come in a bottle. Check out our handy infographic for a few BBQ sauce recipe options that will have your summer guests licking their fingers in delight.

BBQ sauce recipe

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  • Delta

    I tried your Seasoned Tomato & Vinegar Based BBQ Sauce and it was AMAZING! Have you tried the BBQ sauce at Soulman’s Bar-B-Que? https://www.soulmans.com/

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