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3 Free Exercise Apps to Check Out

Posted by Nathan Hirst on

Our blenders help hundreds of thousands of people maintain a healthier diet. As proud as we are of this, in most cases diet is only half of the healthy equation. Maintaining a regular exercise routine is as important as a healthy diet. Here are 3 free exercise apps that will help complete the exercise portion of your health equation.   Run Keeper Icon RunKeeper RunKeeper Runs on iPhone, Android Description: This app is great for anyone interested in running, cycling, walking, and any other distance/endurance sport. The app will track your route via GPS, show your split times, and let you set and track goals. Pros:
  • Works very well for running, walking, and cycling
  • Tracks your route via GPS and shows it on Google Maps
  • Allows you to set goals and track your weight
  • Keeps a detailed log of all exercise
  • Does not provide exercise routines
  • Only works for endurance training, not strength training
run keeper screenshot 1run keeper screenshot 2   Map My Fitness Icon MapMyFitness[/caption] MapMyFitness Runs on iPhone, Android, Black Berry Description: MapMyFitness is basically its own social network, where members share and motivate each other. This app also has GPS tracking and allows you to integrate with ANT+ products so you can monitor your heart rate. All of your data is synced to your online profile at www.mapmyfitness.com. Pros:
  • Compete with friends and family online
  • Use GPS tracking with the Google Maps overlay
  • Manually add other types of exercise, like weight lifting
  • Easily share workout data via Twitter
  • Log food and count calories
  • Training plans only available online
  • Manual workout entry has clunky interface
  map my fitness screenshot 1map my fitness screenshot 2   Fitness Buddy Icon Fitness Buddy[/caption] Fitness Buddy Runs on iPhone, Android Description: Designed for the gym goer and weight lifter, this app boasts hundreds of workouts, tutorials and guides. You can also log your progress in the built-in workout journal.   Pros:
  • 300+ unique exercises
  • Many HD videos
  • Specific workout routines
  • Workout journal and progress tracking
  • Mainly for strength- and muscle-building, not cardio
  • No GPS integration for running and cycling
  fitness buddy screenshot 1fitness buddy screenshot 2 This is my take on a few of the great exercise apps out there. What exercise apps do you like? Photo Credits: iTunes, Google Play

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