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Update: Vita-Mix Guilty of Willful Infringement


OREM, UTAH – June 18, 2010 – A federal jury ruled late last night that Vita-Mix Corporation willfully infringed Blendtec’s patents on its five-sided blending jar. The jury awarded over $11 million in damages.

Four years ago Blendtec, represented by Holland and Hart (Brett L. Foster), filed suit against Vita-Mix for copying, and selling as its own, Blendtec’s revolutionary blending jar, the WildSide*. The jar was invented by Blendtec’s CEO and Will It Blend? Internet celebrity, Tom Dickson. After eight successful reexaminations by the US Patent Office and countless legal maneuvers by Vita-Mix attorneys, Vita-Mix is now an adjudicated willful infringer.

Following the verdict, Dickson stated, “I am grateful to the members of the jury for their thoughtful efforts, which will benefit not only our employees and the blending industry as a whole in protecting innovation, but will also send a message to all those who think it’s okay to steal others’ ideas and inventions in an effort to make money for themselves.”

US Chief Judge Tena Campbell now has the discretion of enhancing those damages up to $33 million plus attorneys’ fees.


*The WildSide jar is no longer available for purchase. Please check out our new and improved WildSide+ jar. You can also check out our Vita-Mix replacement jar – the Rebel+ Jar.

(2) Comments on “Update: Vita-Mix Guilty of Willful Infringement

  • Stu Greer

    I own a Vita-mix; it needs a new piece underneath that the blade attaches too. I’ve always been after the “VORTEX”, and thought I’d found it with the VM. Sadly, I’ve still been looking…until yesterday. I happened across a you tube of “Green Smoothie Girl” making a smoothie with lots of huge green leaves AT THE TOP of the canister! I was quite smug as I knew it would HAVE to be pressed down. It was then that the “VORTEX” appeared…

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