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Why I Like My Blendtec Blender


Here are some of the characteristics of my Blendtec blender that make it so great:

  • The preprogrammed cycles produce consistent blends and take away the guesswork.
  • The variable speeds push the food around—no tamper is needed.
  • Timed cycles stop automatically.
  • The touch-pad is completely sealed.
  • The LCD display shows the speed and counts down the time the cycle runs.
  • I can blend both wet and dry ingredients in the jar.
  • It’s easy to clean the jar with a cup of hot water and a drop of dish soap.
  • The blender has the most powerful motor on the market—1560 watts and 13 amps.
  • The motor is completely maintenance free.
  • The blender is very lightweight and is short enough to fit under the cupboards on the countertop.

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