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The New Blendtec Signature Series


We’re excited to officially introduce our newest retail blender line: the Blendtec Signature Series.

Blendtec Signature Series

The stylish Signature Series blender, offered in fun new colors, includes a smart design and one-touch speed control.

The new model combines many of our customers’ favorite Blendtec features with a stylish new design and fun color options. Plus, the Signature Series comes loaded with all the jars, recipe books, and accessories you’ll ever need to blend up anything you can imagine—from creamy nut butters to hot soups and delicious, healthy ice creams.

The Signature Series exclusively features new instant speed buttons for extra control. Now you can adjust your machine to accommodate every need, from slow chopping to pureeing. And of course the Signature Series offers five preprogrammed blend cycle buttons that let you craft perfect food creations with a single touch—from your very first try.

Features include:

  • Manual 5-speed control
  • Simple, intuitive touch pad icons
  • Fun new design
  • 5 smart, preprogrammed blending cycles
  • Completely sealed surface for easy cleanup

To get the full details about the new Signature Series blender, visit the product page on our website.

15 thoughts on “The New Blendtec Signature Series

  1. Kathy Rowe

    I purchased a Blendtec approx. 1 1/2 maybe 2 years ago… and it is making a loud noise… This noise started approx. 2 weeks ago… What can I do????? Also, I purchased the Blendtec from Costco…

  2. Brad

    I fail to understand the purpose behind removing function from the Signature model. Someone decided that Ice Crush isn’t used very often? Or that only 5 ‘ unknown’ speeds are better than 10 speeds? I suspect that this model will suffer the same fate as the Edsel. I love my Total Blender, and would never move backwards to a model that removes function from my blender.

  3. patricia horgan

    just got the signature series delivered. i am confused … recipe books say to use the “speed up” button … up to #7. there is no such speed up/down button … it has levels 1-5, with the other buttons for preprogrammed cycles. manual and cookbooks does not have a schematic …

    what would be helpful is a manual that explains the functions of the buttons. also, when you press the “level” buttons, what is being displayed on the LCD? is that the number of seconds? how would i get to level 7?

    am excited about using this new item … but i wish there were more clearly written manuals and instructions that relate to the model i purchased.

    i would love to get an answer … i’ve googled my question, but keep getting led back to; which only seems to contain general descriptives. Thanks!

    1. Bruce Carlson Post author

      Hi Patricia,

      Thanks for your question! It’s true–the Signature Series control pad has a different design that doesn’t correspond precisely with recipes in the Fresh Blends recipe book. This is because the recipe book was originally written with the Total Blender Classic in mind. Knowing this could cause confusion, we inserted a reference card that explains how to use the Signature Series controls with the Fresh Blends recipes. You can also view and print the card here:

      This should help get you acquainted with the functionality of the Signature Series. Please let us know if you need anything else…and happy blending!

  4. Adam

    I noticed that you said that the Signature Series comes in fun color options, but it looks like it is currently only available in black.

    Any info on when we can expect the other fun colors?

    1. Kelli Farley

      Hi Alex,
      Unfortunately we don’t have the Signature Series available for sell outside of the U.S., but we do have our HP3A blender available in Australia. Let me know if you’d be interested in that and I can e-mail you our dealers information.


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