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New Years Workout

14-Day Workout Challenge

Kali White
03 January, 2014

With the turkey eaten and the smorgasbord of holiday food devoured, many start the New Year with the all too familiar thought, “Here we go again!”  The idea of New Year’s resolutions leaves some feeling like failures even before they begin, but others may be super motivated.  Wherever you fit on that spectrum it is

What to Do After an Endurance Workout Graphic

What to Do After an Endurance Workout

Suzy Bills
11 September, 2013

          Sources: “Effect of Rhythm on the Recovery from Intense Exercise” “Eating after Exercise—What to Eat after a Workout” “18 Proven Ways to Speed Recovery” “What to Do in the First Five Minutes after a Long Run” “Compression Socks”


Pre- and Postworkout Smoothies

Cameron Cox
26 November, 2012

When you’re working out, it’s important to give your body the fuel it needs—both before and after your workout. If you’re planning to do any cardiovascular activity, try drinking a carbohydrate-rich smoothie 30 minutes to 2 hours before the activity. After you finish exercising, eat again to refuel and help your muscles repair. A postworkout smoothie