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Will it Blend? How to Deflate a Football Edition

Mike Jensen
29 January, 2015

Blendtec’s Tom Hickson is blending up some “Super” fun things just in time for the “Big Game.”

Will It Blend? Blendtec vs “Banned” Buckyballs (Neodymium Magnets)

Mike Jensen
23 January, 2015

Will it Blend? You will want to see what happens when Tom blends neodymium magnets!

Who Makes the Safest Blender?

07 November, 2013

At Blendtec, safety is our top priority. Safety is what prompted our popular Will It Blend? video series. By blending hard things over the years, we have developed unbreakable and unbeatable blenders. When choosing a safe blender for your home, make sure you complete these three simple steps.