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5 Great Halloween Party Recipes

Holly Michaels
22 October, 2012

Mummy Dogs Pigs in a blanket with a Halloween twist. Ingredients 1 pkg hotdogs, hotdogs halved lengthwise 2 pkgs refrigerated crescent roll dough Instructions Cut crescent rolls into thin strips. Wrap strips around hotdogs to look like mummies. Bake “mummy dogs” according to directions on crescent roll package or until golden brown. Place two dots


Why the Twister Jar Was Developed

Paul Faerber
18 October, 2012

There’s nothing like dipping a cold, crisp apple into warm, creamy almond butter. People used to make nut butters in their FourSide and WildSide jar by adding oil or stopping the blender midcycle to scrape partially blended nuts off the sides of the jar. That worked, but Blendtec’s engineers thought there had to be a better way. We

How to Maintain your Blender Jar

How to Deep Clean Your Blender Jar

Julie Owens
12 September, 2012

The title of this post may sound silly since Blendtec jars nearly clean themselves. But for those who have only known old-fashioned blenders, where you have to untwist the blade to clean the blender and have the worry about protecting the rubber gasket and not poking yourself with the thin crisscross blade…let me walk you