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10 Super Food Recipes

10 Super Food Recipes to Enjoy

Kelli Farley
18 December, 2013

Here at Blendtec, we enjoy following many blogs and getting inspiration from them; in fact, this very post was inspired by one. Unconventional Kitchen is an informative blog about eating real food and how food is a great medicine for your body. In May, Unconventional Kitchen’s author, Desi, wrote a blog post about 10 Super Awesome

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10 Most Popular Blog Posts

Kelli Farley
02 September, 2013

It’s been 1 year since Blendtec’s blog was officially launched. We’ve made a lot of posts in that year (this one being number 301!)—posts on everything from recipes to information on green smoothies, news about Blendtec, tips on health and fitness, and suggestions for achieving a well-balanced life. We’ve also redesigned the look of our


7 Superfoods for Your Health

14 June, 2013

Were you under the assumption that a superfood is some type of strange and foreign melon from an exotic, far-off country? If so, I’m happy to inform you that superfoods come in many shapes and varieties, and some of these foods are probably in your kitchen right now! Checkout our list of delicious superfoods with