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Lucky Leprechaun Milkshake Recipe

3 Adult Desserts for St Patty’s Day

Hillary Mauerman
15 March, 2013

St. Patrick’s Day is coming soon, and the holiday is a great time to show off your Blendtec blender by making some fun and creative recipes for a get-together with your friends. What would a St. Patrick’s Day party be without crème de menthe, Jameson Irish whiskey, Guinness beer, and Bailey’s Irish cream? I’ve incorporated these traditional

Cilantro Lime Popsicle Recipe

24 Green Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day [Tasty Links]

Nathan Hirst
11 March, 2013

On St. Patrick’s Day, my wife and I play a few small tricks on our kids and blame a leprechaun. Then during the rest of the day, anything out of the ordinary gets blamed on the leprechaun. The poor guy is our scapegoat for 24 hours. The one trick the leprechaun plays on us every year is