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Will It Blend? Blendtec vs the iPhone 5

Bruce Carlson
03 October, 2013

Tom Dickson is back with his biggest (and most expensive) blend yet. Will it blend? That is the question asked and answered by Blendtec founder Tom Dickson during each of his dozens of Will It Blend? videos published on YouTube. The video released yesterday is the 133rd in the series and features the world’s strongest

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Health and Fitness Apps

Kim McKinney
25 January, 2013

How is it we have already arrived at the end of January?! If you’re like me, you set some great resolutions and goals for 2013, but then life happens, and those great resolutions and goals seem to get put on the back burner! With my busy life, I rely on my iPhone a lot. Some


3 Great Recipe Apps

Kelli Farley
09 November, 2012

Many of our customers love to use their Blendtec blenders to create great-tasting recipes that don’t take a lot of time. If you want to save even more time, consider using a recipe app to quickly find recipes. Often, even if the recipe directions don’t specify to use a blender, you can take a shortcut by