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Designer series blender in 3 colors

Signature Series vs Designer Series

Julie Owens
18 November, 2013

Which one will you choose? Let’s look at a few of the main differences of each machine so you can decide which one is right for your kitchen. At first glance, it’s easy to see the Designer is sleek and elegant, while the Signature has a fun and trendy appearance. Both look equally stylish in

Blendtec Snags 2013 Gold Innovation Award

Bruce Carlson
02 August, 2013

Award reflects commitment to innovation and improvement. Blendtec has earned the Gold Innovation award from Housewares Executive, a premier source of news, analysis, and market intelligence for the consumer housewares industry. Blendtec beat out other leading brands to secure the coveted award. Judging was based on innovations delivered by Blendtec’s Signature Series™ and Stealth® lines of

Blendtec's design approach

Feeding Passions: Designing the Blendtec Experience

Manny Carreon
12 July, 2013

Our Passion At Blendtec we are passionate about creating world-class kitchen electronics for people with all kinds of interests and lifestyles, including those who are ready to make health transformations, busy moms who want more time at the dinner table and less time in the kitchen, and people who just want to make some delicious