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Blendtec's Blueberry Ice Cream

Blending 101: Tips on Making Ice Cream

Mary Butler
23 January, 2013

Hello from all of us in Blendtec’s Customer Service Department! We receive calls every day from our wonderful customers, some of whom ask how to get the most out of their high-powered blenders. Generally, we refer them to the gorgeous Fresh Blends cookbook (included with every blender purchase). But today we’re going to give you a

Blendtec Blender Motor

Anatomy of a Blender, Part 2

Paul Faerber
20 December, 2012

Feature #3: Power for the People In a previous post, Nate Hirst discussed the advantages of a high-powered blender. When it comes to making milk shakes, ice cream, fruit smoothies, peanut butter and other thick blends, you’ll appreciate the extra power Blendtec offers. So what makes a Blendtec blender so powerful?  It’s all in the

4 Dairy-Free Cheese Spread Blender Recipes

4 Dairy-Free Spreads

Hillary Mauerman
07 December, 2012

Blendtec is a fun place to work! For example, I and the other members of the IT department decided to make some snacks using the Total Blender to share with fellow employees. Since one of the guys in our department is lactose intolerant, we wanted to make a recipe that he could eat. Being the computer