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Portion Control

Portion Control

Holly Michaels
26 August, 2013

Eating is one of the biggest pleasures in our lives. Of course, eating is essential for life, but we also eat for social reasons, such as to celebrate weddings, babies, birthdays, and so much more.  As a dietitian, I believe any food can be calculated into a healthy diet. Obviously some foods are better for

5 Colors a day vegetable graphic

5 Colors a Day—Healthy Kids Concepts

Kelli Farley
23 August, 2013

You may want your kids to eat fruits and vegetables because of their many nutrients. On the other hand, the biggest draw for your kids may be the fun array of colors. That’s one of the premises behind 5 Colors a Day, a great program developed by the nonprofit organization Healthy Kids Concepts. The focus


Fast Food vs. Fast Food

21 June, 2013

Summertime is perfect for the American classics: pizza, burgers, and ice-cold drinks. At your next get together, try out our fantastically healthy spins on these dishes. They’re packed with wholesome ingredients—as well as flavor. And because you can do a lot of the prep work in your blender, these recipes won’t keep you in the kitchen all